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Qualified Solutions Group – Network Sales

Qualified Solutions is a national company focused on modern and innovative staffing and procurement solutions. The CEO of the group, Øyvind Sandvik, is used to sell in the networks in and around his company. With LeadX 360 he has initiated … Read More

Move Norway – Disrupting Consulting Sales

Move specializes in IT infrastructure. The company provides cutting-edge expertise, services and solutions to public and private companies throughout Norway. Before the implementation of LeadX 360, the Sales Manager Lars Velle was responsible to sell projects to employ more than … Read More

HP Norway – Disrupting Channel Sales

HP is one of the leading technology companies of the world. HP work strategically with many partners like channel sales partners and services partners. A lot of stake holders are involved in the sales process, and sometimes its difficult to … Read More

LeadX 360 Product Overview Video

View our new Product Overview video. We are later this month proud to present and launch LeadX 360 v 2.1 including lots of new features and possibilities. Feel free to book a meeting with someone in our Customer Success team … Read More

LeadX Go Digital & Go Global

The team behind LeadX are proud to share our strategy for going digital and going global. Today we launch a concept that makes it possible to start building your lead generation empire online. We have made it possible to buy … Read More

Homecoming Fall 2020

Welcome to our first X-Factory Homecoming! We are gathering customers, partners and employees in Oslo November 3rd. We will also put together an inspiring program for those joining via web. Mark the date! This will be a day of celebration … Read More

X-Factory Launch

LeadX is proud to launch our new concept for customer, partner and employee success. X-Factory will be the factory of LeadX that produces and spreads the DNA of the company, concept, team and product. The DNA is reflected in the … Read More

Lead Nurture strategy

Ways to Nurture Your Sales Lead! What are Some Useful Lead Nurturing Tactics?

Every organization should follow a lead nurturing strategy for filtering out leads and getting more warm/hot/productive leads into the sales funnel. While there are several lead nurturing techniques and tactics available, you should be aware about some basic sales concepts … Read More

Sales Objections

What Are The Sales Objections & How To Handle Them?

What is a sales objection? If you have already worked in sales and marketing, you will know that this refers to basically an objection from any prospect or even a drawback/hesitation which keeps them from signing up for something. Here’s … Read More

How To Improve Sales Productivity And Close More Leads

Wondering how to keep track of clients information throughout the entire sales process/deal lifecycle? While there are several new-age solutions that offer the tools to do just that, some additional information is well in order beforehand. If a scenario where … Read More