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Tom Aas

Tom Aas, Founder & CEO

Welcome to our Blog. Our mission with the Blog is to boost your sales motivation and energy. We will show you new ways of generating revenues for your company, and share lead management best practice. In our Blog we will share some of our customer stories, and present exciting plans or news.

Sales Pipeline

5 Prospecting Steps to turn Your Sales Pipeline around

To be successful, every organization makes strategies to move forward! Most businesses assess their performances with a useful tool known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPI gives you the insight to understand more about your performance as an organization and

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Sales lead generation in 2021

How Sales Lead Generation has Upgraded in 2021

Sales future in post COVID-19 situation January 1st, 2020. We were all busy welcoming the new year and couldn’t have imagined what’s next! A global pandemic then led us through a nightmare we never wished for and the entire life

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