2020: Sales Organization of the next Decade

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Leverage and create maximum synergy with your network of stakeholders

The companies that will have the greatest success and sustainable competitive advantage for the next ten years, will be those who are extremely skilled at exploiting and creating maximum synergy with its network of stakeholders (suppliers, employees, customers, investors and strategic partners).

Companies will have to shift their mindset from traditional business models and transaction-based WIN – LOSE relationships to an increasing degree of two-sided WIN – WIN relationships, where both sides win.

The sales manager has to think of new channels for potential value creation. Instead of relying on salespeople alone for revenue and value creation, future successful sales organizations will depend on value creation and revenue promoters coming from all parts of the organization.

Accenture Strategy says in a recent research report that the cornerstone for future growth is found in the ECOSYSTEMS.

They surveyed 1,252 business leaders from diverse industries across the world to better understand the degree to which companies are capturing ecosystem opportunities. They found companies are pursuing new business models to navigate, or even lead, disruption:



Executives will build ecosystems to disrupt their industry.




Business leaders agree ecosystems will be the main change agent.


Harvard Business Review released an article September 1st this year where they challenge “In the Ecosystem Economy: What´s your Strategy?

Business is undergoing a paradigm shift as a result of digital innovation: The very nature of competition is changing. Competing is increasingly about identifying new ways to collaborate and connect rather than simply offering alternative value propositions.
Online lead management software

LeadX is THE SALES TOOL in the Ecosystem Economy:

  • Imagine the company’s townhall meeting
  • The CEO is there, the receptionist is there, the finance department is there, sales are there and the operations department is there
  • The CEO looks beyond the and he thinks: What if everyone could sell – What if the receptionist could sell
  • But he can’t – Do you know why? He doesn’t have the tools to do it, and he doesn’t have the incentive to do it
  •  LeadX is THE TOOL that enables everyone in the organization to start a sales process and easily transfer it to sales
  • We have made sales as easy as posting a photo on Instagram
  • You add value to the company – you get recognition for your contribution – and you increase the chance of a good bonus



LeadX is B2B SaaS that gives everyone in your organization the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue.

Boost your Sales & Break Silos

Give everyone in your organisation the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue

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