5 Key Components To Automate Your Sales Process With LeadX: Digital Sales Automation

Sales automation is definitely the need of the hour in a fast-changing digital landscape. Consider the conventional scenario at the outset of how companies operate- an average salesperson usually requires 8-15 quality interactions with a future prospect for closing a single deal. Add the hours spent in managing the relationship and relaying communication back and forth. 

The time required for intricately knowing a customer is a LOT. Period. Now consider a scenario when your business grows to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of customers. This becomes a logistical nightmare that hampers your business without proper management. Good old Excel will not come to your rescue at this juncture and will only complicate things further. What can be a future-ready and sustainable way out of this mess? One that will reduce the sheer load of manual data entry? Read on! 

What is sales automation- A brief insight 

Digital sales process automation can be a savior for your business, freeing up resources and contributing towards higher productivity and sales in turn. In a nutshell, digital sales automation is the process behind streamlining tasks in the sales mechanism which are repetitive, time-consuming and manual jobs. This will free up the sales team to emphasize more on actual selling that enhances company revenues without having to worry about the administrative part of the process. 

Automation takes care of tasks linked to data entry that are usually done by sales managers, reps and leaders on a monthly/weekly/daily basis. Automating the entire pipeline for sales is an innovative way to leverage modern technology for better results. This will save you both money and time while accelerating future growth possibilities. 

How does sales automation software enhance organizational growth? 

Sales automation will naturally play an invaluable role in boosting organizational growth. The entire manual and administrative part of the job can be taken away from your sales team and managers, thereby leaving them free to concentrate on actual selling. The crucial role that automation plays in boosting businesses can be gauged from the fact that almost a third of sales reps worldwide spend more than 2-3 hours each day simply on manually entering data. This is invaluable time that is lost by these organizations. 

Additionally, manual data entry and administrative tasks are prone to human errors, resulting in hindered client communication and discrepancies. 90% of managers spend their time on administrative jobs beyond their core functions. These include filling forms, updating spreadsheets, support requests and status updates. Half of the global workforce will anyway agree that spreadsheets and email only lead to lower office productivity. Most importantly, using sales process automation will help you target prospects at the right time, thereby increasing chances of conversion. 

5 vital components for automation 

When it comes to automating the sales process, there are 5 core areas that you need to take a closer look at: 

  • Client Prospecting Assessment- Assessments are vital for initiating and developing conversions with prospects. The first contact has to be meaningful. 
  • Automated Marketing- Marketing outreach initiatives can be automated for saving time, energy and better relationship-building. 
  • Managing Pipeline- Do away with manual data entry, enhance internal communication through easy sales pipeline with smooth management/tracking on a single automated platform. 
  • Tracking/Monitoring Leads- Automate tracking of prospects and engagement with the organization. This enables suitably timed outreach measures and sales pitches. 
  • Managing Orders- Automatic channel for approving/managing sales orders for the fulfillment teams minus tracking order statuses from salespersons. 

How does LeadX become a potent solution? 

When it comes to sales automation software for your business, you can rely on LeadX. It is a 100% cloud based app that does not need installation and will be readily compatible with desktops/laptops and Android/iOS. Here’s taking a look at some of the core advantages offered by LeadX for small and medium businesses: 

  • Seamless lead generation, breaking sales silos and enhancing revenues 
  • Single platform for lead sharing and processing 
  • Effective mobilization of whole workforce for generating warm leads
  • Employees get ample recognition and rewards and deals are closed as a team
  • Single newsfeed for tracking progress with real-time updates on live deals 
  • 360-degree lead capturing through internal employees and external partner networks 
  • Fast entry of leads with real-time tracking
  • Smooth handover to sales teams 
  • High speed operations with ergonomic design 
  • API integration with top CRM platforms 


Signing off, it must be said that sales automation applications like LeadX take the hassle out of lead generation, real-time tracking and mobilization of employees. This helps you save time and money while also incentivizing employees further for growing company revenues. LeadX will literally help you take the lead in terms of creating a more sustainable and lean sales setup that ultimately benefits your business.

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