5 Simple Steps to Create an Effective Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet

As we know how hard it is to convert website visitors into customers.

It’s a long term process where you need to understand your prospects or leads constantly.

This cycle is referred to as Lead Nurturing, which begins with gathering leads. Also, the more the quantity of leads, the higher is the opportunity of converting more customers!

So how would you increase the number of leads for your business?

The simple answer is – Using a Lead Magnet!

A lead magnet is, as the name suggests, lets you pull more leads.

The lead generation magnet is a basic step to set up your lead generation strategy, and with this post, we are going to guide you on the right path to creating a lead magnet, the basics of lead magnets, and how you can create a great funnel.

In this post, you will get a thorough look at

  • Introduction to lead magnet
  • Why your business requires a great lead magnet?
  • Key steps to create a great lead magnet

And much more.

So, keep on reading to know more.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is something important that you offer to your website visitors in return for their contact details (normally, their email address) on a lead generation form.

A lead magnet can be anything: digital ebooks, whitepapers, research reports, eCommerce offer coupons, free admittance to an application, and so forth.

In case, when a lead magnet offers great value, visitors offer their contact details to gain that value.

The most well-known Lead Magnet that you’ve likely observed is a free guide or report that is conveyed in PDF design; commonly an eBook. Notwithstanding, there are a lot of other Lead Magnets you can offer.

More on that later.

A Lead Magnet has one objective: to expand the number of focused leads you are getting for an offer.

Why your business requires a great lead magnet?

Creating a lead magnet makes your job as a marketer effective and frees you for other better activities like lead nurturing.

If you have observed the early days of online marketing, you should have seen when people were so much excited to sign up for a free newsletter as they were happy to be using email. And today? Not so much.

In spite of the fact that money isn’t changing hands, getting the email address of your prospective clients is a significant exchange. It changes them over to a lead, shows enthusiasm in your offer, and enables you to market your products or services to them.

The issue is too many people are stingy about sharing their email addresses, so they want to feel guaranteed that there’s something valuable in it for them – which is the place your Lead Magnet comes in.

An overpowering Lead Magnet promptly catches the eye of your buyer persona and conveys real value to them. By prevailing upon your leads with a free offer, you are arousing their curiosity in your paid offers and starting your relationship on a positive note.

Then again, a disappointing Lead Magnet will have the opposite impact. This article will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Catching leads

The Lead Magnet is at the head of the CVO channel and is the essential driver of focused leads in a CVO framework. This is the reason it’s so critical to convey value because the efforts you put into your Lead Magnet pay all through the CVO framework.

Lead magnets are regularly offered on a particular landing page that you send prospects to from any traffic source you pick. The more traffic you send to your landing page and the more focused that traffic is, the more leads you will have the option to convert.

When a lead has entered your CVO pipe by accepting a Lead Magnet, you will later offer them a related trap with the objective of changing over as many leads into clients as possible.

Now we will focus on key steps on how to make a good lead magnet…

Step 1. Choosing a Buyer Persona

The greatest misstep marketers make with their Lead Magnets is pulling too many people at the same time. You need to do the exact opposite.

Your Lead Magnet should be super specific to the people you need it to attract. If your Lead Magnet isn’t applicable to the needs and wants of your buyer persona, they won’t download it.

Most brands have different buyer personas, yet each Lead Magnet should just target one of them.

Try not to stress over choosing which buyer persona is the ideal one, to start with – in the long run, you should have Lead Magnets for ALL of them, so pick the one that you can give the most value to now, and then proceed onward to the next step.

Step 2. Identifying Buyer Persona

When you’ve chosen which prospects you need to target, you need to give them a convincing motivation to download your Lead Magnet. The quantity of leads your Lead Magnet creates for you will be directly attached to the guarantee you make to those prospective leads.

The best value propositions are something that your buyer persona needs, requiring less motivating on your part. Rather than attempting to make something you think they could need, find out what they need, and deliver that.

For this situation, bigger isn’t better. Try not to create a huge eBook or make a 30-day email course. Think super explicit!

Locate a common issue that your buyer persona faces and give a snappy answer for that issue. The quicker you can get the outcomes, the better.

Step 3. Giving a Catchy Headline

Since you realize what you’re offering and to whom, giving your Lead Magnet a name will be simple. An outrageous title is basically a feature for your offer that advances to your buyer persona.

Along with a catchy title for a marketing email or a blog, the title of your Lead Magnet will undoubtedly have an exceptional effect in its conversion rate.

Step 4. Choosing the type of Lead Magnet

At this point, you presumably have a good idea of what kind of Lead Magnet you will offer. However, you frequently have a few choices to browse that could successfully convey your offer.

Here are a few things to remember and to help you to choose the type of lead magnet:

  • Make it basic – An excessively complicated Lead Magnet fails the purpose. If no one understands what you are trying to say, they won’t appreciate it. Try to keep it simple, brief, and pressed with value.
  • Highlight your qualities – Are you an incredible writer? An eBook will presumably be your best chance. Not all that good at writing, yet good with a camera? Go with the video.
  • Prioritize rapid consumption patterns – You need to tackle your buyer persona’s problems as fast as possible. This gives them a quick success (which you did guarantee) and moves them down your pipe faster. Pick a format that permits quick delivery and consumption.

While you have plenty of lead magnet examples to choose from, here are some popular types of lead magnets categories if you are not sure whether to choose which lead magnet type you are comfortable with…

  • Guides/reports
  • Cheatsheets
  • Toolkits/resource lists
  • Video training
  • Free trials
  • Discounts
  • Quizzes/surveys
  • Assessments/tests
  • Sales materials

Step 5. Creating your lead magnet

The key work is finished, yet you actually need to put in the work to make your Lead Magnet.

As you work on your Lead Magnet, always remember who it is for and the value proposition you are planning to deliver. If you remember those two things, the cycle will be straightforward.

Placement of Lead Magnet – The Anatomy of High Converting Lead Magnet

Lead magnet ideas can be innumerable yet, the placement of your lead magnet is what you are going to win.

Testing the placement and feasibility of your lead forms is yet another crucial form of your lead magnet design strategy.

“One and done” doesn’t function well here. You’ll need to place your lead magnet frequently on numerous places of your landing page to amplify its reach.

In case you’re stressed over the lead magnet to be an overkill, try to put in places where your prospects can find it easily without being a distraction.


Some lead magnets take more time than others (like a short checklist versus an eBook), so make sure you set achievable objectives. If you need some additional responsibility, request your friends to check in with you to ensure you’re proceeding in the right direction to prepare your lead magnet.

We just have three words for you now…

Ready, set, GO!

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