5 Strategies to Generate Wealth by Improving your Outbound Marketing

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Outbound sales and marketing assumes significant importance, particularly if you are looking at long-term wealth generation for your business/organization. There are several aspects worth keeping in mind in this regard.

How to build an efficient outbound sales system?

Every business should have a solid outbound sales strategy along with proper outbound software for maximizing sales and revenues. You may be wondering what is outbound sales? This refers to the procedure where sales representatives start reaching out to prospects and deliver their sales pitches to the latter accordingly. A major example can be cold-calling although contemporary teams rely on other communication methods as well, including email. The key feature here is that representatives are contacting leads themselves.

For building a more efficient system of outbound prospecting, you should first identify suitable market segments and your desired target audience while segmenting them into groups which are smaller. You should then look at creating a sales pipeline for generating leads with an in-house team or database. Your sales reps will then have to start reaching out through calls, emails or other methods. Leads will be qualified likewise. The actual selling starts thereafter including live demos, meetings, calls for discussions of features/benefits and so on. The next stage is the closure of deals. Look to build the right sales team and create the right buyer personas to be successful in outbound sales.

5 essential outbound sales tools and software

As mentioned earlier, apart from outbound calling strategy, you have to emphasize on the right software tools.

  • CRM- Sales CRM (customer relationship management) tools are vital since they help in tracking leads, logging contacts and organizing every aspect of the sales process.
  • Sales Intelligence- A tool is required for garnering information on which lead is worth it in terms of pursuing while garnering information on companies, contact details, revenues, etc.
  • Contact Information- Contact information can be found through various tools including email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Communication Platforms- You should have a dedicated (and ideally automated) platform for communication with customers, particularly to maximize levels of engagement.
  • Social- if you are using social media, you can consider specialized tools that help you navigate the entire landscape.

Common outbound sales techniques

There are several techniques for outbound sales that you can consider, including the following:

  • Cold Calling- This is a common technique for outbound sales. You will find several successful outbound sales call script examples for training your reps. Companies have consistently reported successful results owing to cold calling and tools like outbound dialers also lower manual work in this regard along with CRM and other software.
  • Cold Emails- Cold emailing works on the same formula, only the communication platform is different. The reps will reach out to prospects through emails for setting up future demos or sales calls.
  • Automated Email- Automation is highly necessary for emailing prospects, particularly if you are scaling up your outbound sales process. You can create sequences for responding to prospects or even following up in case of no responses to the first email for instance. Responsive email-based automation helps considerably in lead qualification as well.

Outbound sales strategies that increase your sales

There are several strategies that may help accelerate your outbound sales blueprint by a considerable margin. These include the following:

  • Emphasize on the helpfulness quotient- Companies stand out when their sales reps actually earn reputations for being more helpful to prospects/leads. Make sure your team puts people first and focuses on their needs.
  • Referrals- Referrals and word of mouth are fantastic ways to scale up any business, particularly in terms of outbound selling. Sales reps should always ask customers upon closing deals, whether there is anyone in their network that may benefit from the company’s service/product.
  • Multi-touch and omni-channel strategies- Instead of only cold-calling, sales reps should adopt an omni-channel approach, combining emails, phone calls or even social media.
  • Calling Scripts- As stated earlier, a good script for outbound sales is a must in order to speed up the process. Thereafter, once reps have absorbed the basic nuances of selling, they can experiment and create their own approaches likewise.
  • Automation- Outbound sales processes should be automated to the hilt including email sequences, automatic dialing, CRM and research tools along with automated voicemail. Any repetitive and time-consuming process can be automated for greater time, money and energy savings while scaling up productivity of your sales reps simultaneously.

LeadX streamlines the lead generation and processing mechanism

A platform like LeadX, helps companies generate leads automatically through the unique premise of empowering everyone in the company and partners to post warm and pre-qualified leads. These can be passed on swiftly to the sales team for fast closure and progress is easily tracked in real-time.

Deals are closed together as a team. This can be an excellent way to pair up outbound marketing initiatives with an automated, swift and easy to use inbound strategy such as LeadX.

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