Best Salesforce AppExchange Plugin for B2B Lead Generation

Salesforce AppExchange

You will find certain ways to make sure your sales hit the ground levels. And for this, you need more than your marketing and sales teams. You need something that maximizes your productivity, provides you impressive reports, and smart analytics that doesn’t just give you data in piles but rather provides you with insights with which you can take necessary actions.

One of the many reasons why Salesforce is a leading CRM is because of the wide range of customer processes it offers through its platforms using extra-ordinary modules. However, as every company follows a different process, more often than not, Salesforce needs to be customized or integrated with custom tools or apps that bring business-specific needs that are not covered by Salesforce and its modules. Considering this, Salesforce AppExhange was introduced.

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is a point by point marketplace of add-ons, systems, and plugins intended to improve and build upon Salesforce’s current productivity, helping developers, marketers, and salespeople leverage in ways beyond the basic design.

Obviously, one glance at the Salesforce AppExchange and it’s easy to feel overpowered. There are numerous systems and hooks and integrations that it’s difficult to tell what helps you with time. To make this rundown, we have created this article which will explain to you about:

  • Features of Salesforce AppExchange
  • LeadX as the Best Salesforce AppExchange Plugin for B2B lead generation
  • Features of LeadX 360
  • Benefits of LeadX 360 in business.

So, get ready to experience the power of LeadX 360 and Salesforce AppExchange.

Features of Salesforce AppExchange

Although it was just an app marketplace, AppExhchange today has a wide range of solutions serving Salesforce customers with their needs throughout every industry and budget. And the best part is, you can actually try them before making a purchase. The security team at Salesforce ensures it is safe for you.

Here’s the list of Salesforce AppExchange features:

  1. Ready-to-install solutions

Did you know, AppExchange offers more than 5000 pre-configured solutions that can be added to your Salesforce org or used with your current configurations?

1.1. Apps

These are pre-built and tested solutions that can be introduced in your Salesforce org. AppExchange provides a heap of free and paid apps. These apps are then classified by the solution use case, industry, and business processes.

1.2. Components

Salesforce clients benefit from Lightning-based development and UX, so AppExchange gives many predefined Lightning components that can be added to your applications and pages by easy drag and drop features, accordingly they decrease development efforts for your teams.

1.3. Bolts

Salesforce communities help businesses to give an uncommon experience to their outer and inner partners, and to help with it, AppExchange offers Salesforce Lightning Bolts.

1.4. Lightning Data

Lightning data gives pre-incorporated, approved, and adaptable data to automate data tasks like filtering, scoring, deduplication, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Thus, end users can chip away at improving their business and not recognizing relevant data to take a shot at.

1.5. Flow Solutions

Lightning flows give pre-built and configurable process automation streams that can be added to your workflow with no requirement for code. You can directly download configurable pre-built business processes with flow layouts and install standalone blocks with flow activities.

  1. Industry-specific solutions

Each industry has its own unique needs. To help your search for what’s relevant for your business, AppExchange permits clients to look in one spot of all industry-specific solutions to expand your Salesforce organization. You can discover industry-explicit Bolts, process automation techniques, process applications, and parts.

For instance, if your business operations are centered around Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), you can look at the variety of solutions appropriate to the finance industry like data backup and recovery by OwnBackup, survey solutions, for example, GetFeedback and more.

  1. Certified Expertise

So far we have been examining how AppExchange is a marketplace for solutions that guide your Salesforce extension needs. But more than that, AppExchange assists clients to identify the correct blend of consultants and Salesforce framework integrators to join forces with.

LeadX as the Best Salesforce AppExchange Plugin for B2B lead generation

We have introduced LeadX to Salesforce AppExchange as a dedicated plugin for B2B lead generations.

With the LeadX AppExchange plugin, we are bringing the power of LeadX to more than 150,000 Salesforce users in Europe and around. You will be amazed to use this plugin and experience the new face of Salesforce lead management. LeadX 360 will bring substantial value to the ecosystem.

Features of LeadX 360

Here’s why our users love using LeadX 360:

  • Make faster entries of leads in just 10 seconds with important information on the deal
  • Track and enhance your data in real-time
  • You can use LeadX on any device you have
  • Handover the leads seamlessly with ergonomic and modern design
  • Open API with easy integration – That’s why we brought LeadX 360 to AppExchange.
  • Post unlimited leads and capture with a 360-degree approach

Imagine getting all these features in Salesforce AppExchange, and how your Salesforce lead capture process will be transformed into!

Want to know how businesses are getting benefited from the LeadX 360? Here’s how…

  • Empowers everyone in organizations to post warm and pre-qualified leads with their personal and professional networks.
  • Saves time in filtering leads and employees are empowered to share warm/ hot leads and get more incentives.
  • Deals are passed on to sales teams easily and leads are posted quickly from anywhere in just a few seconds.
  • All progress is tracked in real-time and deals are closed as a team

Want to know more about the LeadX Salesforce plugin? Join our Homecoming 2020 Triple Launch Webinar and explore a wide arena of possibilities on how you can transform your sales cycle.

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