Super Efficient Way to Boost your Sales with the Leadx 360-Superoffice Fusion

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As we are moving forward from the difficult times of COVID-19, the main goal for every B2B business is to get qualified leads and convert them into potential customers.

Generating leads for your business is very important. Without any leads, you cannot obtain a potential customer.

Every company is designing and revamping new strategies to cope up with the changing patterns and behaviors of potential customers.

Consider this as an opportunity for yourself and your business to grow and reach a new level of success.

But the main question here is, how to increase sales and how a Superoffice app store can help you in reaching your potential goals?

With the fusion of LeadX and SuperOffice CRM, learn about how to increase sales by generating leads and revolutionize your sales efforts with this coming year.

Coupled with sales tools like SuperOffice CRM, LeadX can help you to a great extent in generating qualified leads for your business. Also, you can increase the probability of generating new leads with LeadX, as it allows every representative of an organization to post about a potential lead.

The fusion of LeadX 360 and SuperOffice can help you to manage your leads better!

The Fusion of LeadX 360 and SuperOffice CRM

Before getting to their integration, let’s look at these two platforms individually.

SuperOffice is a CRM platform that helps you to build a relationship with your customers. It helps you to organize all your potential leads and bring them to one place for easy and effective management.

You can keep track of your leads, manage their contact details, update them with many recent updates, and also follow up on them frequently.

By scaling your customer relation, you can scale your business rapidly. From SuperOffice, you can monitor and keep track of all your leads, so that if you need to access them, you can do it easily.

Now let’s take a look at LeadX 360.

Every organization has a network, but what they lack is the tool that can help generate leads for their company.

LeadX 360 is a simple yet effective software that can help you with generating leads. This enables everyone from the organization to post leads for the sales reps. It gives complete transparency and recognition to the organization about new leads and who have helped generate them.

This is a healthy way to increase revenue for both the company in the form of new business and the person who posted the lead in the form of bonuses.

How to boost sales with the fusion of LeadX 360 and SuperOffice?

With the fusion of SuperOffice and LeadX 360, you can not only generate new leads efficiently but also keep a close track of them and build a close relationship with them.

As a user of SuperOffice, LeadX helps you to enable internal non-sales and marketing people along with external alliances like partners, board members, and shareholders to generate leads. LeadX, as it does, enables everyone to post hot and capture better quality leads in the SuperOffice platform.

After generating a potential lead, you can follow up with them with the help of the SuperOffice app and convert them into potential customers.


As a potential user of the Superoffice app, LeadX 360 can help enhance your lead generation process. With the potential of the CRM application and the fusion of a lead management platform together, you can land new potential leads internally and externally.

Prepare yourselves to boost your sales lead management capabilities with LeadX 360 and SuperOffice CRM.

LeadX 360 can be accessed from multiple platforms like mobile, laptop, tablets, etc.

Explore opportunities for your brand at LeadX 360 + SuperOffice here.

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