Different Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate From Lead to Deal

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For every 100 visitors, you can expect 2 paying customers through your website. Yes, the website conversion rate is 2% on average.

To be honest, it’s a pretty good rate.

Most of the websites have a 0.1% to 0.2% conversion rate which takes around 1000 visitors to get 1 customer.

Are you feeling a similar issue?

Are you struggling with your lead conversion ratio too?

Do you want to know how to increase sales conversion rate?

Then this article can be a brief guide for you where we are bringing some useful tips for you to help with increasing lead to sale conversion rate.

But, first, you should know a little about why lad conversion is important for your business.

Lead generation is important for your sales teams to build their pipeline of work. While in the past, sales teams used to knock on the door and generate leads all by themselves, today, with the digital transformation in any kind of business (B2B/B2C), the majority of lead generation activities are now falling on the shoulders of the marketing people, allowing salespeople to do what they are actually good at – sell.

Businesses today are almost completely dependent on lead generation as it makes their websites to generate more traffic and further conversion of such leads into paying customers. Higher the conversion rate, the higher the profits for a business; this is simple math.

So, how do you assure a better conversion rate for your business?

As discussed earlier, the ultimate goal of any marketing effort or lead generation campaign is to help the sales teams to sell. Marketers spend much time creating inbound leads but struggle heavily converting these leads into customers after they pass them to sales.

So, here are 5 levers for improving your lead conversion rate right now…

  1. Shortening lead follow-up time

The speed of following up matters a lot. At the point when people need information, they anticipate a quick and personal response. Various studies have shown that quick follow-ups increase conversions. Ensure your email reply has the name of the person whom you are communicating with. Keep in mind, people buy from people. The more you can personalize your lead follow-up the better. Utilize your manners. Read, call, or email? That is the issue.

  1. Do beyond what they expect

The way in which you treat your leads tells them how you’ll serve them as clients (from producing interest, through nurturing and into your sales teams). Exceed any and all expectations, particularly for those leads that fit your optimal client profile. It can be things like giving them additional content that they like or if they attend a webinar, then following up with them by giving them some summary or an extra white paper that attracts them. Serve them.

  1. Understand buyer motivation and create content around it

Without irritating them, you have to remain on their radar until they’re prepared to be in touch with you. It’s basic in lead nurturing to know where a prospect is in their buying process or cycle with the goal that helpful information relevant to the need at a particular point in time can be conveyed. Creating relevant content is possible only when you have the right information about your buyer. Knowing when to provide a case study or a product demo can create a huge difference in your sales conversion strategy.

  1. Create content for lead progression and not lead ‘capture’

Put as much effort in making innovative and content for lead progression as you follow for lead capture. We have seen organizations burn their funds on making people raise their hands and not on progression. The objective of lead nurturing is to help progress leads from the initial interest toward their purchase intent. It’s all about progression. Sales reps are frequently on the battlefront creating sustaining content without help. Start by asking your sales team questions like, “What’s the content you share with leads that encourages them to convert?” or “What’s the content you use to help take people to the next level?”

  1. Focus on increasing relevance with your lead nurturing

Relevance is important in lead nurturing. Like most marketers, you’ll start with a broader focus, yet the key as you start finding out about your prospects’ specific needs lies in fitting your lead nurturing content. This is the place where you can use marketing automation to know which type of content is being consumed by your leads or prospects. As you find out more about it, you can move from more general content toward content you would share in one-to-one contact.

These are some of the ways you can enhance your conversion rate but there are many more.

Always keep testing with new lead nurturing and conversion optimization techniques and let us know how these five work for your lead to sale conversion rate.

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