LEADX – now Everyone Can Sell!

It is a widely known fact that Successful Businesses across the globe have its foundation laid based on the collaborative efforts of people contributing to that business in every aspect. In recent times, the Technology and Innovation played a pivotal role in enriching the operations. The Core of any business is Sales Processes and ability to accelerate the Sales process effectively.


We, at LEADX Innovation Lab, have a focused approach towards bringing the Innovation and Simplicity to a Tedious Sales Process and allow every person in the organization to contribute to the Sales of the Organization which is the only way to accelerate the growth.


We proudly present you the Simple, Secured, collaborative and Cloud based SaaS based Solution LeadX that has an immense potential to change the way your organization operates the Sales Process.


The LeadX Platform built on a highly advanced Technology Landscape not only brings the Simplicity towards managing the Lead Management and Sales Process but also lays a Strong foundation for data exchange and Collaboration within the organization. The platform offers both Mobile and Web options assuring that the platform is available on all devices.  


The LeadX Platform with its unique Collaborative features allow anyone from the organization to tap and manage the Leads literally at the click of a button. The Gamification of the Sales Process encourages the user to boost the Sales of the organization and immediately get Rewarded.


The Collaborative Information Exchange LeadX represents allows everybody in the organization to keep themselves updated with the latest Sales Information. The other exciting features such as Analytical dashboards, Sales Community, Ring the Bell, Lead Handshake and personalization motivates end users to add and manage maximum leads and boost Sales of the Organization exponentially.


Every platform strives for providing latest and most innovative features to the end user and we are not an exception. The LeadX platform Roadmap for the next 3 years offers business driven features with enhanced User Experience, Pulse Platform driven by unique Data Analytics algorithms, In App Purchases and benefits powered by innovative Rewards Engine, Community based Knowledge Management and many more.


The Super Enthusiastic and Innovative Team of LEADX is very Happy and Excited to present our Unique, Simple and Intuitive Lead Management Platform LEADX to you.


Exciting times!


Have a Sales Performing Day 


See LeadX Live 


Tom Aas                              Devendra Phadnis                           Team LeadX

CEO                                       CTO                                                       post@leadx360.com

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