Experience the combined power of SuperOffice & LeadX 360 and capture more leads

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Experience the combined power of SuperOffice & LeadX 360 and capture more leads

Mobilizing your entire workforce for making Sales and Lead Generation easier is now SuperEasy with LeadX 360.

With 2021 coming up with new challenges for the sales teams, companies need a tactical solution to make their strategies stronger.

Consumer behavior is changing its patterns and brands need to prepare for the next era of sales and marketing.

LeadX with its integration with SuperOffice and Salesforce has an opportunity to revolutionize your sales efforts in 2021.

With this article, we are providing a few interesting insights on how LeadX will benefit you at capturing leads when coupled with SuperOffice CRM.

So, if you are an existing SuperOffice CRM user or willing to use it as a lead management tool, delight yourself by reading further.

How SuperOffice can work for you?

SuperOffice provides a standard CRM for your business and helps you build great relationships with your customers. CRM functionality in SuperOffice is so powerful, it lets you manage your contact details, keep all data in one place, organize all your tasks, emails, and documents, and it also lets you take regular follow-ups with customers easier.

LeadX 360 is coming to SuperOffice very soon.

Enjoy the combined power of SuperOffice and LeadX

It’s easier for SuperOffice users to get started with LeadX 360 app.

  • We have in place a 5-step fast and easy integration process
  • We will soon launch in SuperOffice App Store. Stay tuned!

Want to build your lead generation empire? LeadX works magic when it’s coupled with SuperOffice.

Capturing warm leads with SuperOffice gets easier for users because of LeadX’s full integration with the local environment.

For a SuperOffice client, LeadX enables mobilize internal non-sales and marketing people along with external alliances like partners, board members, and shareholders. LeadX, as it does, enables everyone to post hot leads and capture better quality leads in the SuperOffice platform.

How to integrate LeadX with SuperOffice?

With LeadX, everything is just easier, friendly, fun, and lucrative when it comes to lead generation. To couple LeadX with SuperOffice, integration is naturally necessary, and it’s super easy too.

You just have to follow the 3 steps…

1. Buy the LeadX 360 App online at leadx360.com

2. Customize and deploy in a local SuperOffice environment.

3. Bi-directional integration to support data updates on both platforms.

LeadX 360 is now live and available for more than 5,700 SuperOffice users in Northern Europe. One of our clients got a chance to catch up with this app and he has already started building a lead generation empire with SuperOffice as the CRM system in the center aligned with the powers of LeadX 360 as the tool to capture leads both internally and externally through personal networks.

Get ready to disrupt your sales lead management capabilities in 2021 with LeadX and SuperOffice.

Explore opportunities for your brand at LeadX 360 + SuperOffice here.

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