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Every company wants to start generating hot leads or hot sales leads as they are also called. However, there is a growing trend where people are looking at how to generate hot leads without cold calling. Cold calling seems to be on its way out in the modern era. 

Overview about cold calling

Often referred to as the traditional and time-tested method when an organization wishes to generate sales leads, cold calling is a particular type of telemarketing where potential prospects are solicited via calls minus any prior interaction or relationship with the person who is calling. This is a specific technique where the sales personnel keep calling people who have not previously shown interest in the product/service.

Is cold calling still effective? 

While it was previously deemed as an effective way to attract hot leads, current trends suggest that people do not like getting routine calls from sales personnel or robots about products/services that they have not heard about earlier. While the offerings could be helpful at times, people do not like being interrupted by these cold calls, leading to higher rejections as compared to conversions. It is only the big brands who may have any success of getting their calls taken. The time required for getting people to pick up the phone and interact with you is possibly not worth it and the same is true for the effort invested into the process. 

Reports confirm that the average salesperson gets a single meeting for every 200+ cold calls that he/she makes. This really sums up the whole story.

How can we eliminate cold calling? 

Wondering how to generate hot leads without cold calling? Here are some methods that can be equally successful: 

  • Inbound Marketing- Good content on the website along with proper strategies may help in generating leads. 
  • Events/Talks- Speaking and other engagement measures may help in generating leads as well. 
  • Brand-Building- This takes time but will get the job done for perpetuity if done right! Building a brand and scaling up your reputation, visibility and referral networks is the solution here.

Once you develop a presence both offline and online, prospects will start taking calls more and will reach out to you as well for solving their problems. 

How LeadX can be a good solution 

LeadX takes care of the lead generation process in your organization seamlessly without the need for cold calling or other long-drawn processes. Everyone in the company can swiftly and seamlessly post warm and qualified leads (courtesy their own personal networks) on an intelligent platform with updates in real-time. People can easily hand over leads to the sales team and deals can be collaboratively closed with teamwork. 

Everything including progress can be tracked in real-time and people are incentivized and recognized for posting leads. This applies for organizational partners as well. LeadX is accessible across all devices and can be easily integrated with your CRM platform.

Saying goodbye to cold calling

Let’s face it; cold calling is no longer as effective in the current scenario as most people have hectic schedules and do not wish to be interrupted in the middle of it all. LeadX is a viable and effective solution for lead generation, automatically filtering out quality of leads and swift handovers to sales teams.

Boost your Sales & Break Silos

Give everyone in your organisation the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue

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