How to get B2B Leads for your Business during COVID-19 Pandemic

B2B Leads

Running a business be it B2B or B2C amidst pandemic is all about risky, difficult, and important. More than 6 months into the pandemic and health precautions being rigorously followed, businesses have slowly and steadily started resuming operations to keep the cycle of the economy up and running.

The fact is that operations have to be adjusted to the new normal as getting new business or sustain current clients has become a little more challenging than ever.

One of the major concerns B2B sales lead generators get haunted by is, ‘How can B2B lead generation work in these tough situations?’

Well, we will repeat this like everyone else – you are not alone in this.

So, with this article, you will understand how to get B2B leads for your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jumpstart Your B2B Lead Generation

Many businesses are testing the waters in the reopening phase. Of course, the waters are not so clear to steer your B2B boar, but at least, its relatively safe to come out again.

So, here are some things to keep in mind to jumpstart your B2B lead generation again and how your B2B quality lead generation can be adjusted according to the New Normal.

  1. Reconnecting with the cold leads

The basic practice with cold leads is that we dismiss them and proceed further to qualified B2B leads. In today’s times, this is the best opportunity to contact them again.

If you have different B2B prospecting which you haven’t connected before the pandemic, now is an incredible time to reconnect with them.

It may be the case that they just weren’t prepared to buy previously, yet they could be in a superior position and situation now that they’re thinking of doing business with you.

Along these lines, as you’re connecting with your long-term leads, you can take the time to meet your cold leads to increase your chances of getting more leads in the funnel.

  1. Client Outreach

Be proactive as you continue looking for new prospects instead of letting them hang around. Devise a far-reaching approach for your customer outreach and lead generation over all of your channels both inbound and outbound.

  1. Follow a solid and consistent process

The market in pandemic has become more than competitive for your business as every deal now counts more than before. Revise your sales process to see how you can enhance it and adjust your strategy according to the current situation. There is not so much scope for improvisation with the expectation that your prospects are ever ready and willing to purchase right now.

Your business strategy must be accurate and predictable in each and every phase of the purchase journey, explicitly in these zones:

  • Discovery stage
  • Primary phone call with the sales representative
  • Product/service demo
  • ROI calculations
  • Interview with decision-makers
  • Closing the deal

This is an overall outline of the various stages. Obviously, every sales cycle will be unique so don’t hesitate to alter your process that will suit your brand’s needs. The most significant takeaway here is that you’re prepared to guide your clients through each phase of their buying journey such that spares both your time, amplifying your efforts, and in the long run make them purchase.

  1. Augment your online presence

Obviously, it will take a drawn-out period of time until individual business transactions can completely get back to as usual. This is the reason it’s essential that you fortify your online presence over the entirety of your social channels. This strategy will help you get more B2B leads even when the situations are hot.

Different brands have gone MIA even on their different channels which drove their audience to search for different partners. You can’t even afford to lose your most loyal customers. Interact with your clients and prospects on the internet, let them know that you know their issues and you are still available to offer them solutions.


As things keep on changing, we have to learn how to adapt and embrace all the new forms of “normal” in these circumstances. In order to increase your chances of growing B2B lead generation, you have to know how to look for them. So, pay close attention to industries around you, and even globally, who took a major hit due to the pandemic and look for innovative ways to help them advance their businesses as well as pick up their paces again.

We trust that these 4 tips will help you in finding your new B2B leads. Remember that there are unquestionably a larger number of businesses in need of help. It’s all about watching out and looking out for one another.

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