How To Grow Email List- What Are The 10 Proven Ways To Collect Emails?

Ways To Collect Emails
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Wondering how to get emails for growing your list? The conundrum of how to grow email list is something that many businesses face, particularly in a scenario where email marketing has assumed greater importance. 

What is email list and why is it necessary? 

Before you get into the nuances of email collection, it is important to remember what an email list actually is. This is a list of emails gathered by companies from customers/visitors that would like to get more updates/data/discounts/other information about their businesses. These lists are necessary since email marketing is a great way to scale up your business. 

The click-through rates via emails are actually 6 times higher than other avenues like tweeting or Facebook posts as per studies. Emails may also be more effective for customer acquisition than mainstream social media channels. 

How to get emails for marketing? 

If you are wondering about the ways of obtaining email addresses, here are some things that you can keep in mind:

  • You can start asking customers verbally if they interact with you physically or even ask whether they may wish to sign up for a newsletter. 
  • Have a mobile sign-up form ready or a sign-up sheet. 
  • During phone communications, subtly pitch your newsletter or other content.
  • Have a website form for anybody who is willing to enter their email addresses.
  • Freebies may get people to sign up faster. 
  • Tap social media channels.

What are the 10 proven ways to collect email?

When it comes to tips to collect email, here are the 10 proven ways that you should remember: 

  1. Facebook Ads- Works like a charm for email address gathering. 
  2. Lead Magnet Should be captivating enough. 
  3. Popup forms- May help in gathering more information. 
  4. Sign-up buttons on a Facebook business page– May help garner more email addresses via social media.
  5. Email Content- Captivating email content is always a great way to go. 
  6. Live events- Host live events or web-shows and get people to sign up thereafter.
  7. Linking- Add links to your signup form for the email signature or even have links shared on social media channels with attractive text/images. 
  8. Sharing- Get people to share your emails as it may bring in more addresses. 
  9. Special Content- Have content on channels like Pinterest/YouTube and then link to your site. 
  10.  Subscription Bar- Get this added to your website and it may bring in a wealth of details. 

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Deals can be closed together while fostering a strong sales culture. This eliminates sales silos and helps in growing revenues likewise. This could be an alternative marketing outlet along with email marketing efforts.

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