How To Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnet- Ideas & Examples

Lead Magnet Ideas & examples

You must have wondered what is a lead magnet since it may help you scale up your email list successfully. Here’s looking at the concept in an in-depth manner. 

What is Lead Magnet? 

Lead magnet refers to a technique for lead generation, i.e. getting more people to provide their email addresses to you. It is something that you offer in exchange for getting an email address and this could be anything from an eBook or checklist to a trial or consultation feature. 

Instead of simply asking people to subscribe to your newsletter or anything else, you give them some service or content that fixes a problem. The handy aspect here is that people get something right away in exchange for giving you their email address which you can leverage later on to send them content and other information about your company. A lead magnet helps you collect information from people who are interested in what you have to offer and you can then follow up with campaigns to convert them into customers. 

What are the tools to create Lead Magnet?

Wondering about the right lead magnet software and other relevant tools? There are several free tools that you can use for creating your lead magnet. Some of them include the following: 

  • Canva- Canva enables graphic creation with various tutorials and you can use it to make images for your guides, eBooks or even checklists along with other infographics. 
  • Google Docs- Google Docs helps in creating content for checklists, eBooks, guides and other written resources. 
  • Smartphone- Your smartphone will already have free software for video editing in most cases. This will do for showcasing the core content of your lead magnet. 
  • Prezi- Prezi is software for presentations which helps in designing content via slides or even eBooks. 
  • Audacity- Audacity is a tool for free audio recording and editing for your lead magnet. 

What makes a good lead magnet? 

The best lead magnets are those which are directed at any particular issue/problem faced by the customer. These are ones that have a single core message for viewers to focus on and have a targeted, specific or niche audience in mind. A successful lead magnet is also one that offers a fast solution at least a perceived one. Videos and checklists are thus popular since they can be immediately consumed. These are the three essential attributes of a good lead magnet. 

What are the lead magnet ideas & examples? 

There are several kinds of examples and lead magnet ideas that you can check out. These include the following:

  • Checklists- These enable all the information for people with one glance. 
  • Cheat Sheets- These have slightly more information with background knowledge about the topic. 
  • eBooks/Guides- These are some of the most popular lead magnets and those reading these entirely will possibly turn into long-term customers. 
  • Free Courses/Videos- Free email courses are great ideas and so are free videos which can be immediately consumed. 
  • Reports- Reports are a great idea since they create a greater perception of value in many cases, just like videos.
  • Free Trials- These are commonly used lead magnets and people are more likely to purchase if they can try something by themselves.
  • Discounts/Coupons- It goes without saying that saving money is always attractive for potential customers.
  • Examples/Templates- Perceived as aesthetically appealing lead magnets, these can work well in certain situations.
  • Consultations- Free consultations can often draw more people as well. 
  • Quizzes- People love solving quizzes because it makes people choose between different answers.
  • Webinars- These are popular for the perception of effort involved to solve customer issues/problems. 

Lead quality always determines successful sales efforts

At the outset, it should be mentioned that the quality of leads is something that businesses have to filter and focus on, post the process of attracting leads. Now, how do you ensure that you get mostly qualified and warm leads fit to be nurtured and handed over to the sales team? How do you ensure that you track the progress of converting these leads into sales? How do you ensure that everyone in the organization is incentivized to generate these qualified leads including partners? The answer is simple- A solution like LeadX

While taking care of the abovementioned questions, it enables collaboratively closing deals as a team. With more qualified and warm leads in the mix and everyone rewarded for generating the same, company revenues increase while a strong sales culture is automatically created in the bargain.

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