How to Improve Quality of Leads in Just 5 Steps?

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Doing proper marketing with a systematic approach might have gifted you with more leads but are they qualifying your sales?

What is the ratio that you are experiencing between your leads and sales?

Are you unsatisfied with your lead generation campaign?

Are your leads weak?

Are you looking for quality lead generation steps?

These are the common questions you should ask yourself if you are experiencing fewer conversions with your leads.

The problem lies with the quality of your leads.

So how can you improve the quality of your leads in order to improve your sales?

High-quality leads have been an ignored thing in the marketing and sales fields. People have been focusing on the quantity of leads rather than the qualitative approach. And this is exactly what we are trying to fix at LeadX.

Are you willing to convert more leads by improving their quality?

First, understand what Quality Lead is…

Quality leads travel faster in the sales funnel. These leads are willing to make a purchase immediately, meaning they speed up the sales process, enhance the productivity of your marketing & sales team, and reduce the total cost of your efforts.

To set up high-quality leads, you will require more than a single point of data for every prospect. Rather, your inbound marketing group will use the below points of data to refine and target on an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead):

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Demographics
  • Contact information
  • Buying signals
  • Firmographics

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Here are a few different ways to improve sales lead quality and lift transformation.

  1. Make those form fields mandatory

A contact form on your website is indeed a mandatory part to easily achieve leads. You can improve the quality of leads by adding required fields in your form that a prospect has to fill in. These mandatory fields will give you valuable data about them to use in the next steps of the funnel.

A person’s full name and occupations are two of the most important pieces of information that are helpful in getting high-quality leads. All you have to do is make these fields required. You will need to put a code into your form CSS or just rope your developers’ team to help you out.

Make sure to use this sparingly, however. Long contact forms are tedious and prevent possible leads from leaving behind their valuable data. Simply make sure the necessary fields are just restricted to the ones that help you out with improving the quality of your leads and you’re all set.

  1. Get their work email

Getting your prospect’s work email can be more valuable than requesting their email address. Particularly in case, you’re a B2B organization. 

A business email address gives you their organization name. What’s more, this implies you can make marketing campaigns that engage with the requirements of that business to show you’re the right solution provider for them. 

We go through the majority of our day at work, so you’re bound to get a response from a work email than a personal one.

  1. Find and target the key decision-makers

You don’t have any desire to waste time with people that can’t make any decisions. But, it’s often actually quite difficult when it comes to associating with the ideal people.

If you’ve got this lead from your website and filled out a form, that’s a strong indicator that the person who signed up could be a decision-maker. But Not Always. What role does your standard decision-maker hold? Find out the patterns to find out who your target is and create emailers that they will open.

  1. Focus on your target persona

Its great news if you are getting continuous leads from your website. But how many of them become your customers? The best way to generating high-quality leads is by creating marketing strategies that focus on your ideal persona. So, find your ideal personas who are interested in your business or whom you can relate your business to.

  1. Amazing CTAs

The CTAs you use on the website must be relevant to your target market.

All your content should be engaging and must hold your ideal buyer personas. This goes the same with your CTAs. You don’t want any random person to sign up for your free eBook or emailers, you only want to target your ideal persona as mentioned in the above point. The rest people can buzz off.

Special Tip: Improve Your Sales Lead Quality with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing enables your ideal clients to find you and makes your marketing effective. Today, the force has shifted and it’s in the clients’ hands. They need businesses to understand their necessities and inbound does a truly great job of doing it precisely.

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