Important Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing Lead Management Software!

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A lead management system or software, one of the essential support systems for any company to manage gathered leads. 

A lead management software now has been a day to day essential product for any organization that is looking for better management of the leads and further nurture them.

A lead management system comes handy when you have a large volume of digital leads.

When appropriately implemented, an automated cycle can spare you a lot of time and effort for your sales and marketing teams.

So, with so many options available, how would you ensure you are putting your resources into a product that isn’t just another software with normal functionalities but is suitable for your organization? We are giving you a kick start on your research by going over 5 essential questions you need to ask yourself while choosing an effective and modern lead management system.

  1. What type of software do I need?

Most importantly, we should observe that there are actually 3 different types of lead management software available: ERP systems, CRM lead management systems, and marketing automation systems. Each has a center point that could possibly be invaluable for your business; you may end up expecting to join the software, however, integration can get tricky.

  • ERPs are meant to integrate into a company’s software using a single database to make a company’s processes more efficient. 
  • CRM lead management systems are a mix of tools that include a sales funnel, sales force management, and even performance metrics tracking which allows you to qualify leads. CRM can be your best choice for lead tracking software.
  • Marketing automation tools are specifically geared for generating leads with digital marketing. They are also used for lead nurturing.
  1. What is my short and long-term budget?

It’s also necessary to study your ongoing costs and upfront ones while comparing your options.

Obviously, a system with more highlights will come at a higher price tag. You might be enticed to pick a free application—they DO exist! But, they are generally incredibly stripped-down variants with restricted features and user access.

Monthly plans can start in the single digits and also stretch up to hundreds of dollars per month with full access. Currently, most of the software come with cloud based systems with regular updates. So you need to decide how much you want to spend. If you are going for an annual plan without testing the product, try out their demo version if it’s available for free.

2.1. Should I work on-premise or in the cloud?

Well, we marked it 2.1 because this is a sub-question of the above one. 

Cloud-based software, which has become broadly adopted by brands in recent years, is based on the software vendor’s servers and can be accessed online. Interestingly, on-premise software is installed locally, on a company’s own hardware systems. At last, the decision comes to prices and plans as discussed above. 

  1. Is it user friendly? Or can I get it customized according to my needs?

On one hand, a level of customization is necessary for modifying a sales lead management software for your particular needs. But, the process can be excessively muddled if a balance between customizable features and simple to-explore UX isn’t set up. You may choose to hire an expert to assist you with expanding the capabilities of your lead generation system, yet a large portion of your staff should at least be able to explore the basics. 

  1. Can it grow with my company?

Lead management apps and software come tailored according to organization sizes. Some are tailored for small businesses, some are for medium-sized and sometimes, LeadX like tools are made for companies with any sizes.

It’s necessary, to be honest with yourself while thinking about how much your business is projected to develop in a specific time period. While doing your research, investigate the size class with respect to both the extent of the content the system will need to manage and the number of clients that will be working with it.

  1. Will it integrate well?

One reason we are always fond of HubSpot is its ease of integration in their software. Their CRM lead management can be easily integrated by simple coordination. Check the following things while buying a lead management software:

  • Your website and explicitly site forms, from which new leads are imported.
  • Accounting system to share client’s finance related information or to automate order processing.
  • An eCommerce platform. 
  • An online portal so clients can make service requests and get updates.

The List Doesn’t End Here

These questions cover most of the aspects of lead generation software, but you may add more questions. The more you know about your system type while you are making a decision, the faster you can use it to manage your leads.

An incredible lead generation process requires thorough information on the process. In case you’re hoping to support your lead-generation game, check out LeadX.

LeadX is one of the best lead management software choice which will help your lead generation as well as management easier, bringing you more quality leads and enhancing your lead generation campaigns.

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