Important questions you must ask your new B2B sales lead

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Important questions must ask your new B2B sales lead

Asking questions never hurt anyone. 

But make sure you ask the right question at the right time when it comes to sales closing questions. Precise timing, correct tone, and bang on queries will help you close more deals.

Sales is about getting answers rather than answering the questions. The more you ask, there are more chances you get to close the lead.

Will you start the sales qualifying question with… 

So, tell me what you want to buy?


  1. How did you hear about us?

Well, this can be a killer question. Why?

Allows you to know whether they are really interested in your solution.

Sends them a gentle reminder about why they are spending time with you.

The earlier you ask, the better. Their answer will help you steer the conversation further. The more elaborative answer will help you to convey the right angles of your product. This sales qualifying question is a real shortcut to understand their needs and keep your conversation targeted.

  1. What’s your requirement, what is it that you are really interested in?

In the first question, you got to know what they need and what their objectives are. With this question, you will help your lead prioritize. Filtering your product features according to your lead’s requirement can give a feel of personalization and not just any random wishlist they had.

Prioritize their must-haves in this question and both of you will save a lot of time. Make everything in this list nice-to-have and you will have more opportunities with your next sales questions to ask.

  1. May I know the main stakeholders in this deal?

Not for the buying decision, but even after the purchase. You need to know the stakeholders involved in your deal. 

Remember, without knowing who are you playing the game with, you can’t simply play. 

You need to be more than just closing the deal, but every closed deal should be your success story. 

If your prospect’s technical team is involved, it will be easier for you to suggest to them any technical add-ons if you are offering.

  1. Who else is there you are in touch with for a similar deal?

You need to ask in a different fashion according to your needs. But you need to know the prospect about what provoked them to contact you. 

Every lead comes to your doorstep after meeting others or with plans to do so. You are not addressing the competition here but you are just getting to know your field where you are playing.

Based on their answers, highlight your most important USPs to close the deal.

  1. What’s the timeline for making a decision?

Ask in a nice way such as; when are you planning to make the purchase?

You need to know this timeframe. One of the important B2B sales questions, the answer will help you understand if they have an urgent requirement and decide if you want to provide additional attention to close the deal.

  1. What’s your budget?

How much can you invest in this area? 

Most of the prospects won’t give you a perfect number but don’t leave them hanging. You can smartly negotiate along with knowing their budget with this question. But remember to provide value for the price.

  1. Where do you see your business in the next 1 or 2 years?

Assuming your prospect buys your solution for their business, ask them where do they see the business after 2 years. Obviously, this question should be asked when you neatly explain the value they will be getting for their business. 

This question will give you some insights into their minds. 

The sales process doesn’t end when the prospect turns into a customer. Closing the deal just started another phase of your sales cycle.

These are the top 7 questions to ask potential customers before you start the next phases of your sales process. These questions will help you make the process faster and simpler. They will also show your prospects about your interest in serving them the best possible solution for the long run. Remember to maintain this repo along with offering the best customer service even after they come on board.

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