Increase Company Sales in COVID-19 Pandemic Situations!

Increase Company Sales in COVID-19 Pandemic Situations
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The COVID 19 outbreak has led to not just social distancing and a nationwide lockdown but also a major impact on businesses and companies in almost all sectors. While you’re scrambling for business survival tips in this situation, remember that all is not lost; a little fortitude and endurance will help you increase company sales and ensure small business survival over the near future. 

What is COVID 19 Pandemic Situation? 

The COVID 19 pandemic situation has thrown up questions regarding small business survival and the ability of the Indian economy to withstand the impact of the nationwide lockdown. Several SMEs and other corporates are forecasting a poor year ahead in terms of any increase in company sales and other growth figures. In fact, 92% of company CIOs believe that the pandemic will considerably affect business operations as per studies. 

How it affects company’s growth/sales?

The COVID 19 outbreak will naturally hinder sales figures in the short to medium term as per experts. Companies will naturally have to keep expansion plans on the backburner, suspend all sales, marketing and promotional activities along with putting new production/service establishment into cold storage. 

Companies will have to go out of their way to keep all employees safe from a financial and employment perspective alike. Travel plans will be shelved and work from home policies strictly implemented for quite some time to come. Productivity will be hindered while orders, assignments and clients will be hard to come by for some time. This will naturally impact overall growth or sales estimates of companies in almost all sectors. 

Tips to generate sales leads 

If you are wondering how to generate sales leads at this time, then there are a few tips that might help you:

    • Clearly identify your target market/audience. Have a picture of your ideal customer after doing homework on basic parameters like the preferences and wants of this customer type and his/her problems that you can solve.
    • Carefully promote your business online via your website, blogs, social media channels, online seminars, referrals, industry content, PPC advertising and other channels. This is a good way to push hot leads into the sales funnel.
    • Build your sales funnel. Get all prospects to your landing page or form which encourages them to share contact details. Give away value-additions in the bargain.
    • Build relationships with email newsletters and keep communication going with your target clients.
    • Engage with prospects on social media. This can help you generate sales leads by the dozen.

How LeadX can be better option? 

For generating sales leads that are qualified and already warm, LeadX functions as the best possible solution. It helps you increase company sales through empowering everyone in the organization and your external partners to post warm leads seamlessly on one platform. They are incentivized with rewards and recognition for generating leads and these can be passed down to the sales team easily. 

Progress can be tracked in real-time and you can close deals as a team at your organization. LeadX helps in fostering a better sales culture, enabling faster generation of leads minus sales silos and the best part is that everything can be tracked and monitored under one roof. 

Patience and perseverance are key virtues in the current scenario

Even if the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted your business, stay focused and safe at the current time. Keep operations running as much as possible, use LeadX for lead generation and leverage internal and partner networks wisely. Remember that a little perseverance and patience will help you go a long way. At the moment, survival is of paramount importance. Everything else can wait. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot keep churning out leads and growing your business smartly during the lockdown.

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