Investing in LeadX with Superoffice is a smart option for your business

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Investing in LeadX with Superoffice is a smart option for your business

For more than 30 years, a CRM system SuperOffice has been a gift for businesses which is a powerful tool for their organizations. 

With its super cool features in customer relationship management, a CRM system SuperOffice was brought to the industry in 1990 with the main motive to bring seamless experiences.

The value of SuperOffice for organizations is proved with the features it offers.

Not just creating memorable customer journeys, CRM system SuperOffice is being widely used for lead generation and lead management.

Especially in lead generation for B2B sales, SuperOffice is a useful tool to develop web forms that ultimately help in lead generation.

Lead generation – a challenge marketers struggle with a lot. 

So, why SuperOffice is important for businesses?

With a CRM system like SuperOffice, employees get the ability to access your company’s entire CRM database. SuperOffice is useful for processes related to this database in real-time. All these things can be achieved on a reasonable budget with no need to have an independent CRM specially crafted and developed for an organization.

Other than its user-friendliness and affordability, SuperOffice has many other benefits such as:

  • Seamless Availability
  • No to less IT dependency
  • Easy expansion and integration
  • High security for data
  • Easy scalability

How does SuperOffice work for your business?

Other than working as a standard CRM for your organization, SuperOffice helps you maintain good relationships with your users. CRM abilities of SuperOffice are so robust, it lets you keep all your data in one place which includes your contact details, tasks, emails, and documents. Struggling with regular follow-ups with your customers? SuperOffice can help you with solutions.

Using LeadX 360 as a SuperOffice extension

LeadX 360 is a SaaS app that allows everyone in your company the ability to generate leads. For the last few years, LeadX 360 has become a team member for many organizations helping them manage and generate hot leads.

With its application, users can access the database from anywhere they are. Its maneuverability, LeadX 360 became popular within a few months of its launch and now in 2020, it expanded its reach to SuperOffice too. LeadX 360 was introduced as an app in the SuperOffice App Store.

LeadX 360 is supporting SuperOffice users with its lead generation for B2B sales and it’s proving much helpful in increasing lead flow as well as revenue. 

How LeadX 360 can help SuperOffice users?

Building a lead generation for the B2B sales funnel that works for your business is easier when LeadX 360 is coupled as a SuperOffice extension. 

LeadX 360’s easy integration and local presence help you capture warm leads with SuperOffice.

How LeadX 360 can be integrated with SuperOffice?

If you wish to enjoy all the benefits of LeadX 360 with SuperOffice, integration is necessary. Integration of LeadX 360 with SuperOffice app is easy, fun, and friendly.

Just follow 3 main steps and start enjoying LeadX 360 with SuperOffice:

  1. Visit and buy the LeadX 360 App online.
  2. Prepare your SuperOffice local environment, and deploy.
  3. Integrate bi-directionally to support data updates on both platforms.

Checkout LeadX 360 Pricing Here.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

LeadX 360 app will soon be available in the SuperOffice App Store and in the initial phase, it will benefit more than 5,700 users from Northern Europe. One of the LeadX 360 users has tested our functionality with SuperOffice and the results are amazing.

Here’s what he had to say…

LeadX 360 integration with SuperOffice is easy like a plug-n-play device. Here are my notes…

  1. Quick Setup: As LeadX 360 is completely cloud-based, there is no special installation needed. I have tried this on both of my Android and iOS devices along with desktop.
  2. Ability to include everyone: Ever since I’m using LeadX with SuperOffice, I can see everyone in my team actively supporting our sales efforts. It literally enables everyone to post hot leads.
  3. Support team: While I was testing LeadX 360 in my SuperOffice setup, I had their support at every step while integration as well as whilst using it.

Is your organization losing grip on sales and lead generation? Try LeadX 360 today and once it’s live on SuperOffice App Store, we will notify you and you can disrupt your sales lead management capabilities in 2021.

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