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Wondering how to keep track of clients information throughout the entire sales process/deal lifecycle? While there are several new-age solutions that offer the tools to do just that, some additional information is well in order beforehand. If a scenario where scattered client details across multiple systems and applications sounds familiar, read on! 

How to keep track of clients’ information? 

Learning how to keep track of clients is a vital job for any sales/marketing professional. Each and every one of your clients will have some basic information to be stored. This includes his/her phone number, name, address, title and other details about the financials, business and so on. The biggest challenge here is properly storing and organizing this data in one platform. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is often a good solution for tracking customers including leads (hot leads, warm leads and cold leads) along with existing clients. 

Post creating contacts individually, you can view not just client information but also progress via pipelines on your CRM that showcase the first contact, follow-ups, scheduling of demo/other activity and closing the sale and post-sales progress. 

How to get the info you need from clients? 

There are various ways of client tracking and information gathering that you can consider. You can take a few steps into account: 

  • Initial Connect- This usually involves an email or phone call. 
  • Proposal- This involves sending your first pitch/information for the client. 
  • Follow-Up- This means staying in touch regularly for answering queries and offering more solutions. 
  • Data Gathering- From the budget and company information to other financial details, this is the serious stage of information gathering. 
  • Notes- This involves tracking communication history, client data and saving it for future reference. 
  • Collaboration- This step means giving access to the rest of the team for viewing progress on these leads and the captured information. 

Trust is a key factor and as outlined in reports, more than 90% of people prefer being loyal to companies which are fully transparent with them at the outset. You should write exactly how the client information will be used and also make sure that you convey vital details via phone calls, on-boarding emails and so on. Custom deal fields are a handy way to garner information about the geographic location for a particular deal, sales information, revenue projection details, problems of clients that need solving, background information, what clients like and don’t like, etc. 

How to take follow ups? 

Following up is an art, one which you will have to master. If you contact clients too much, you will be perceived as being clingy or spamming them. If you contact them sparsely, you will be seen as not serious about the deal and you may lose the prospect altogether. Set the expectations early on in the sales relationship. Try and connect with people and learn how often they wish to hear back from you and get automated CRM and scheduling tools likewise. 

The former helps in knowing the project stage and this data can be used for more effective follow-ups. The latter can enable better scheduling of follow-up processes. Automation helps you take care of volumes, follow-up timings, appointments, reminders and even phone calls. 

LeadX fuses sales and information tracking under one umbrella

While storing client information and tracking is a key need for growing your business, there are other concerns related to actively generating leads, monitoring them and closing deals while filtering out leads as well (based on quality). How about bringing these two activities together into one effective solution for your business? 

LeadX does just that; it gives you one platform for enabling easy lead-generation and sharing across all employees and partners. Employees can easily generate warm leads (takes care of the filtering process) and be rewarded for the same. This builds a solid sales culture while empowering everyone to post hot/warm leads to be handed over to the sales team. Deals are thus closed together with complete real-time tracking of client information, progress and so on. There is a single newsfeed for tracking client data and updates in real-time. This data connects the entire company together and there is seamless integration with top CRM platforms due to LeadX’s open API. As a result, tracking client information becomes easier along with progress on deals in real-time while ensuring ample lead generation and revenues for your business.

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