LeadX 360 Getting Ready to Boost your Sales with Exclusive Features and Insights

boost your sales

Companies face a plethora of issues relating to lead generation on a consistent basis and with ample volumes. Additionally, they also face issues with the sales team having to qualify and filter out leads, i.e. differentiating the warm and hot leads from those which are cold and rather unproductive. Additionally, time and energy has to be spent in good measure to engage prospects at every stage of the sales lifecycle which in itself becomes quite lengthy. At the same time, there is the matter of closing deals and tracking progress on a ball by ball basis, which makes things quite difficult indeed.

What if there was a solution that could solve all these problems while translating into a major win-win for both companies and their employees? That is LeadX in a nutshell for you. LeadX 360, true to its name, offers a 360-degree lead capturing and generation solution that breaks sales silos, ramps up productivity and successfully adopts an inward-looking approach.

Overview- How sales lead generation becomes simpler with LeadX

When it comes to lead management, generation and the overall sync between the sales team and other company divisions, LeadX 360 has you covered. How is this so? LeadX makes sure that companies get the following benefits (in a nutshell):

  • Empowers everyone in the organization, right from the receptionist to teams working in other locations to other departments and partners, to post warm and pre-qualified leads courtesy their personal and professional networks.
  • This helps in saving time-related to filtering leads and also, employees are encouraged to share warm leads for their organization due to incentives.
  • These incentives include financial compensation and recognition as well.
  • Deals can be seamlessly handed over to the sales team for faster closing and leads can be instantly posted within a few seconds from anywhere.
  • There is multi-platform, multi-device access along with easy integration with leading CRM tools.
  • All progress on leads is tracked in real-time and deals are closed as a team.
  • Employees are incentivized to earn bonuses while company revenues also go up as a result.

Employees are the biggest source of pre-qualified, warm and hot leads for the company to cash in on and this is what LeadX 360 recognizes. If they are incentivized for their role in generating leads, then company sales go up while a stronger sales culture is built at the same time. Additionally, studies and reports indicate that people are more likely to trust recommendations from family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the industry. As a result, without shopping around or comparing excessively, they simply wish to check out the company recommended to them.

This is where LeadX comes in handy as a very efficient tool that leverages relationships in the most efficient manner for future growth and success.

New LeadX 360 website to transform user experiences better

LeadX 360 is ready to transform itself into a whole new (and more attractive) avatar with its new website. From new features and added attractions to insights and more valuable tools for your business, there is a lot to look forward to, as far as businesses are concerned!

The new website is tailored to offer even better and cutting-edge customer experiences while taking into account customer needs and feedback on how to keep improving at all times.

The BIG PICTURE- Launching XFactory

LeadX is launching its brand new and truly innovative Customer Success Concept for all clients of its LeadX 360 app. This concept has been named X-Factory. Along with providing a dedicated LeadX community to all partners, clients and employees, the company will now offer all necessary resources for alliances to swiftly launch their use of LeadX prior to accelerating the development of their own lead generation empires later on!

LeadX 360 will also be helping owners and management personnel fix issues and achieve the targets they desire in absolute cruise control mode! LeadX 1-2-3 is the concept for the customer journey and anybody can register to attain membership. LeadX customers will have exclusive premium access to X-Factory. You can simply try it today by visiting Leadx360.com/X-Factory.

The new and best way of doing business

In a contemporary scenario, cold calling and other conventional lead generation methods are steadily becoming outdated. LeadX 360 is a new-age, innovative and hassle-free solution that helps you tap into the networks of your employees, incentivize them and scale up revenues and shorten sales lifecycles at the same time.

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