How LeadX Can Ensure You a Flow of Qualified Leads for Your Advertising Company

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The meaning of qualified leads varies from business to business. Some say a qualified lead is one whose number is verified, some say a qualified lead is a customer who has been contacted by phone and ready to roll down the sales funnel.

A qualified lead is also a sales ready lead and it’s ready to buy.

Qualified leads have:

  • An intent to purchase – direct search for the product or service 
  • Filled in a form on one of our sites 
  • Their details were verified.

For a business like an Advertising Agency, lead generation is as important as maintaining relationships with ongoing accounts (customers).

Ad agency lead generation has a wide range of prospects as too many businesses are looking to boost their marketing with the help of such companies.

One of the biggest challenges advertisers face is to generate qualified leads and they need more and more clients to develop their teams and business. The way to generate qualified sales leads is by bringing more traffic and draws more focus on the crowd. But is there any other way to identify such sales qualified leads?

Lead Management Tools

Grappling with sales lead management is a past game. Enabling sales teams and generating more leads by identifying their needs and intent is easily achievable with lead management tools.

Internal marketing teams in ad agencies always try to put their company’s presence on top of the online mediums such as Search Engines and Social Media Platforms. But once a prospect enters into their sales funnel, it becomes a challenge for sales teams to convert these prospects into paying customers.

Here, lead management tools can help them with various benefits they are meant to serve:

Efficient Lead Tracking

Keeping tabs on your leads is another challenge for sales teams. Most of the time, losing the quality of the lead is a struggle or differentiating leads who are really ready to convert. 

A lead tracking ability of the lead management tool can prove valuable. By closely tracking these leads, ad agencies can optimize the experience for leads who are really ready to convert, saving them time and money.

Effective Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads that are probably going to convert is a big interaction that turns out to be a lot simpler with a Lead Management Solution. Leads that are nurtured by email pushing or different techniques are bound to convert and may wind up buying more than leads that are not nurtured.

Acts as a filter for your leads

It can take more time while differentiating leads from one another. A lead management tool along with generating more leads can also help you filter these leads and optimize your funnel. The right filter properties can help you ensure the right leads are targeted.

Automation to the rescue

A modern lead management tool with automation capabilities allows businesses an opportunity to automate workflows such as: lesser quality leads, lowered conversion rate, and re-organization of leads, etc.

Better insights

Watching high-quality leads can be easily achieved with real time reporting tools. Advanced tracking capabilities can enhance the customer journey and get you insights you never get with rigorous efforts. Not only these insights will help you with decision-making process but with helping your leads convert that you are tracking. These insights will also help you in creating your customer journey for your future prospects.

Real-Time Reporting

When a campaign allows you a flow of leads, understanding the reason why this flow of leads is coming is equally important. For trending updates, real time reporting tools are valuable resources that can help you with quick analytics and scale down less effective components.

Enhanced team coordination

An ideal lead management tool has functionalities to enhance your team by providing tons of data on every single of your marketing campaign. This data can help both your sales and marketing teams to work together. This will increase the flow of qualified leads to your business and strengthen your sales funnel. Teams working together also eliminates a chance to reduce mistakes.

What kind of lead management tool you should choose for your advertising company?

With the availability of hundreds of lead management tools to your service, you need to choose a perfect one.

Why go for the rest when you have a partner like LeadX as the best?

LeadX is an all-rounder, interactive tool for your lead generation and management tasks. Not just managing your leads, LeadX can also help you with interactive client relationships and smart notifications on day-to-day performance.

Why LeadX?

LeadX empowers everyone in your advertising company to post hot leads. So, suppose, any member of your company finds a prospect in their network ready to hire an advertising company, they can upload their contact details on LeadX and your sales teams can get a notification for the same.

Want to try LeadX 360 for your advertising company? Get it here.

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