The Art of 21st Century Sales – LeadX disrupts the Sales Ecosystem with a Triple Launch Event!

Triple Launch Event

A futuristic event full of surprises, Homecoming 2020 was a great success for the LeadX team.

In a 4 hour event, Tom Aas, along with his associates, clients, and partners revealed the revolutionary secrets of LeadX 360 2.1 and the company’s association with SuperOffice and Salesforce which will disrupt the 21st Century Sales Ecosystem.

A virtual launch party arranged for sales professionals and enthusiasts, we announced three major milestones in the history of LeadX:

  1. LeadX 360® version 2.1 – A New Face of LeadX.
  2. LeadX + Salesforce – Launch of LeadX in Salesforce AppExchange
  3. LeadX + SuperOffice: Launch of LeadX in SuperOffice App Store

More than 450 people attended the webinar from more than 35 nations and the leaders at the organization were overwhelmed with the excitement of the participants. 

LeadX is growing day by day and these people evidenced the revolution being introduced in front of the entire world. Tom Aas, our founder, and CEO started this interesting webinar with an introduction about how it’s going to be and also introduced the guests of honor for the event.

He said that LeadX 360 is not just limited to a group of business associates or teams but it focuses on all stakeholders. LeadX is offering a 360-degree holistic approach towards lead management which is a unique feature of the system and it’s the first-ever fully-mobile lead management platform in the world Throughout the course of time, we have made LeadX a fun community, yet faster platform to post warm leads from anywhere you are.

Leaders, stakeholders, associates, and clients presented their thoughts on LeadX

  • Runas Sögaard, a core member of the LeadX family presented his thoughts on how X-Factory is helping our customers reach their goals. X-Factory as you know, is a fully-packed experience platform for sales teams, marketers, and everyone craving business growth. With LeadX 360’s new avatar, X-Factory is going to be a much more fun platform along with increasing the productivity of everyone willing for hot leads. Log-in to X-Factory here.
  • Devendra Phadnis, the co-founder and CTO of LeadX introduced the whole new level lead management game i.e. LeadX 360 2.1. With this new face of LeadX, we are introducing an easier way to use LeadX and it will be available as an API platform which will help organizations to transform their entire application ecosystem. Meet LeadX 360 Version 2.1 here.
  • Lars Velle, our valued customer and Head of Sales at Move AS shared his experience on how LeadX 360 is helping improve sales experience at Move AS.
  • Per Ronny Stav, CEO at Arribatec told his success story which involves LeadX 360 as a major part.
  • Rajeev Manjrekar, a Salesforce partner said that LeadX will expand the lead generation horizons to everyone in the organization including external networks. LeadX is going to enrich the Salesforce pipeline with warm and valuable leads. Visit LeadX + Salesforce here.
  • Jari Salomaa our strategic advisory board member shared his thoughts on how so many clients are getting benefited from LeadX 360 including some major conglomerates in Silicon Valley.

Along with Version 2.1, and Salesforce AppExchange introduction, LeadX will also be available on SuperOffice App Store along with other SuperOffice apps you regularly use for lead generation.

LeadX is a step forward when it comes to user experience, reachability, mobility, and accessibility.

LeadX is available in 3 different packages considering the organization size

  1. LeadX for Startups

As we are a young startup, we always respect the challenges and opportunities new startups meet. Lead Generation and Lead Management particularly with the B2B sales process in startups is a lot challenging and hence, LeadX comes in handy here. LeadX for Startups comes with discounted packages that are suitable for startups of all sizes.

  1. LeadX 360 for SMEs

Every small-medium enterprise dream of rapid growth. LeadX becomes your growth hacking team and supports you with our solutions. We know your company has a unique skill set and a unique personal network and this package gifts you with capabilities to do wonders.

  1. LeadX 360 For Enterprises

Enterprise-level organizations have complex networks of stakeholders and a complex portfolio of sales solutions. But, here’s a catch, LeadX 360 for Enterprises has a more fun approach towards empowering everyone to post hot leads.

Want to know more about our event? Here are some useful links to our event and other milestones we have set:

  1. LeadX Homecoming 2020
  2. LeadX + SuperOffice
  3. LeadX + Salesforce
  4. LeadX Pricing.

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