LeadX Homecoming 2020 Salesforce & SuperOffice partner virtual launch party!

homecoming event 2020

Get thrilled and experience the magic in the B2B sales process with 3 Technology Conglomerates at LeadX’ Homecoming Event 2020.

LeadX introduced an industry-leading lead generation system for every business out there with LeadX 360. The system has helped numerous brands develop their inbound lead generation capabilities. And now it’s time for us to take a step forward with the introduction of the LeadX platform to leading CRM platforms – Superoffice and Salesforce.

With Homecoming 2020 Triple Launch Event; LeadX is bringing you:

  • LeadX 360® version 2.1 – A New Face of LeadX.
  • Salesforce AppExchange – Launch of LeadX in Salesforce lead management
  • SuperOffice App Store: Launch of LeadX in SuperOffice.

Homecoming 2020 Triple Launch Event will be a virtual meetup for all the lead generation and lead management enthusiasts. 

This event will be live on 3rd November 2020 at 14.00 CET and you all are welcome to experience the new face of LeadX along with its integration capabilities with Salesforce and SuperOffice.

Tom Aas, the Founder, and CEO at LeadX will be heading the conversation along with notable experts in the industry such as Jari Salomaa, former Director Product Development in Salesforce HQ (San Francisco), Michiel Jansen, ISV Business Development in Salesforce EMEA, and Devendra Phadnis, Co-Founder & CTO at LeadX.

Get ready to witness the global launches of:

LeadX 360® version 2.1

Along with our notable customers HP, Qualified Solutions Group and many others, we are introducing a new version of LeadX 360 that will change the way you manage your leads. We are also adding 2 more license categories to help our customers achieve a holistic perspective in building their lead generation empire.

We present multi-organization highlights, progressive analytics through «Pulse» and a serious & full-fledged self service admin dashboard. With these two enhancements, you can have a look into both the lead generation «crystal bowl» along with controlling quite a few right levers. We have created this and much more with our clients.

Salesforce AppExchange 

LeadX 360 will be available for more than 150,000 Salesforce users spread across 120 countries. Salesforce lead management is going to be full of surprises with LeadX 360. According to Salesforce EMEA, “LeadX 360® will bring substantial value to the Salesforce Ecosystem.” Jari Salomaa, former Director Product Development at Salesforce says, “You have found the Holy Grail of Sales.” With Homecoming 2020 Triple Launch Event, you will witness how LeadX will be helping Salesforce clients ‘Empower Everyone to Post Hot Leads.’

SuperOffice App Store

With this event, we are launching LeadX 360 for more than 5,700 SuperOffice users in Northern Europe. We are nurturing your experience with one of our clients, who will be speaking about how he is building a lead generation empire with SuperOffice as the CRM in the center combined with the LeadX 360 app as the tool to capture leads both internally and externally through personal networks.

If you are looking to disrupt your sales process in 2021, the Homecoming 2021 Triple Launch is a perfect event for you. 

Get ready to encounter the enchantment of the most updated face of LeadX 360 and ensure you get more leads, more cross-silo deals, the improved conversion rate from lead to deal, decreased lead acquisition cost, increased revenues, and improved margin.

For more on LeadX’ Homecoming 2020, a Triple Launch Event, visit our dedicated page here.

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