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LeadX is a platform for lead generation, management and tracking that operates on the philosophy of teamwork. The core premise here is that every single person in the organization becomes part of the lead management platforms, generating leads for the company and growing revenues. At the same time, the tedious and administrative part of the sales process is relegated to the background since it is taken care of, by the app itself. As you can see, everyone can directly contribute towards the growth of the organization and deals are closed together, enhancing teamwork and camaraderie.

Before delving deeper into LeadX and how it helps businesses, it is important to get a picture of hot leads and what they actually constitute.

How do hot leads enable organizational growth? 

Hot leads are a hotly discussed subject across sales gatherings and not without reason! Picking up hot leads may help in closing more clients for the company and growing revenues subsequently. Prior to a lead turning hot, it has to be suitably assessed and qualified. Hot leads are customers who are genuinely interested in the product/service that you have to offer. This can be assessed through the customer’s online behavior/patterns.

If they are seeking content linked to what you provide, then you may be spot on! If your lead is seeing your prices, product demos and testimonials/reviews from users/clients, it could be a hot lead. Hot leads can be found from visitors to your website, i.e. ones who are specifically viewing your demos/pricing/testimonials and so on. They may be found on specific pages or for particular products. Call to action outreach may also work along with the live chat function and those following you on social media.

Here’s a handy checklist for qualifying a lead as truly hot:

  • People who are decision makers themselves
  • People who are hugely interested in your product/service
  • People who are willing to buy right away or at least within 2-3 months
  • People who are sorted about a specific budget and clear about what they need
  • People who have a particular problem that your product/service addresses

Naturally, a hot lead equates to a faster conversion or deal closure while bringing revenue growth to the organization. The higher the number of hot leads for a company, the faster its growth.

How LeadX helps get you more hot leads and faster deal closure 

LeadX has a unique model in this case whereby all company stakeholders are empowered with regard to posting hot leads. Every individual has his/her own personal network and skillsets and hence, the latter can be tapped for building trust in interpersonal relationships. Your skills coupled with intrinsic charm will help in fostering better communication, thereby building TRUST. Once this is built, you will end up finding needs of prospects within conversations. These can be followed up and processed via LeadX where ultimately, sales transform into SERVICE. A win-win dialogue is thus created where everybody gains.

Thus, LeadX becomes a magnet for hot leads since these are built through trust and personal networks across all company stakeholders. This naturally enhances the hit rate or conversions, resulting in more deals and lower costs of customer acquisition. This naturally ends up improving margins considerably.

How does LeadX empower employees to directly contribute towards company growth? 

As previously stated, LeadX is a 100% cloud based app that empowers each individual in the organization to contribute directly towards its growth and development. Radically different from conventional lead management platforms, LeadX infuses the spirit of collaboration into the office, breaking organizational silos and enabling more qualified leads. Accessible across platforms and devices, LeadX gives the right tool to all company employees for generating warm leads while being recognized and rewarded for the same. Incentivizing and mobilizing employees to generate leads naturally leads to revenue growth for the company.

LeadX offers a single platform for generating, sharing and processing leads while helping the company tap into personal networks of all employees and partner networks. Leads are shared and real-time deal updates are enabled throughout the newsfeed, helping motivate teams with recognition and rewards. Deals are closed as a team through a 360-degree approach. All points of customer contact at the company are suitably empowered for lead capturing. Other benefits include fast entry of leads, real-time progress tracking and seamless handover to sales teams for closing the deal. LeadX is scorchingly fast and has been ergonomically designed for smooth user experiences. The open API is tailored for integrating with all top CRM platforms.


LeadX marvelously enhances the culture of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork as far as the entire sales unit is concerned. Everybody comes together on a single platform with real-time information sharing and tracking and can close deals together. This fosters teamwork while motivating and mobilizing each and every employee to earn recognition and rewards for generating warm leads for the organization. As a result, the organization grows revenues while automating the dreary and data-based manual part of the sales process. This also brings about a transparent philosophy of togetherness as far as the sales team is concerned. With LeadX, each and every employee can now play a direct role in contributing to the growth of his/her organization. Naturally, it goes without saying that such a strong sales culture ultimately leads to faster growth and progress.

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