Let’s Prepare Sales Professionals to face the Challenges in Tough Times.

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With a global pandemic over our head, the market has taken a huge blow in the field of sales. Irrespective of your size as an organization, everyone has been affected by COVID-19. It has disrupted the work style of many people, especially those from the sales. 

Here we will talk about sales challenges faced by sales managers, and give tips for sales professionals working to meet their sales numbers in the pandemic situations.

COVID-19 outbreak has shown us how quickly things can take a turn. The working professionals have to change their entire schedule and their style of working, adapting to new trends, working from home as traveling has become nearly impossible. People around the globe are struggling to keep a positive mindset, fear and doubts creeping in their lives, and disrupting their motivation to improve themselves. 

There are a lot of sales challenges that have turned into obstacles for sales professionals, some of them are:

  • Disruption of routine for Sales Professionals.
  • Sales management strategies became inadmissible.
  • The definition of face-to-face meeting has changed.
  • Travelling has become nearly impossible
  • A steep demand drop has been seen from the clientele
  • Lack of resources to work remotely.

So the question comes, how do we handle the situation with minimal disruption in our routine?

The sales challenges faced by sales managers and representatives are fairly new and different from their regular practice, thus they need to change a lot of things when it comes to their routines. These people are used to all the hustle and bustle at the office, but with this sudden change to remote working, they need to adapt to the new technology to continue their communication and collaboration with their customers. 

In this situation, to keep your sales pipeline stable, you need to adapt to a new format. 

This can be done by implementing the 4Rs of the sales response to your working methods:

Respond by engaging and stabilizing sales.

Reflect on the fluid and emerging scenarios.

Re-imagine future sales to regain momentum.

Rebound by turning your sales numbers to win.

These sales response methods will help you regain control of your business again. 

The main goal here is to get your sales numbers and be productive irrespective of the situation. Taking these steps will help you achieve your goals to make the most out of your business in these tough times: 


  • Don’t panic:
    You are not alone, everyone around you is struggling. Don’t overthink about your problems as the whole world is affected by the pandemic. Instead, plan your next move to keep your sales figures from dipping down.

  • Look for a solution:
    Prepare your team for the challenges, assess your current situation, talk to your sales reps, plan your next move, look for a solution that would help you boost your sales numbers again.

  • Look back at your growth:
    Always remember where you came from, how you fought your way to where you are right now. Things like this help inspire your will and spark that fire again to overcome every challenge thrown your way. 


Having a positive mindset is crucial for any business to flourish. Set your goal, work with your representatives, design your working model, adapt to the situation, and you will surely move towards success. 

Your business plan should also include some mandatory steps which will surely help boost those sales numbers. These steps include:

  • Improving your skills:
    With the changing times, your skills need an upgrade too. The conventional ways of getting sales might not work now. It is important to be open to learn some new skills like using technology for communications and venturing into new platforms to gain leads for your business.
    The sooner you adapt, the faster you grow!


  • Networking:
    Help your customers, provide your services to them, work for them and they will recommend your services to others. Gaining referrals will help you to obtain more sales figures and fuel your drive for the long run.

  • Watching and Learning:
    Everyone is finding different ways to keep their business up and running, and learn from them. Learn about the tools they are using, study the structure they designed to maintain smooth communication. Learn from them and implement these methods in your business as well. 

The tips for sales professionals and methods described above will help you to create a systematic work structure, supporting your needs to gain those sales.

Another important aspect of your business is your customers. As you work on stabilizing your team of sales reps, you need to look after your customers as well. They also have been affected by the pandemic, thus a shift in priority can be seen overnight. 

The best way to improve your sales is by retaining your old customers and gaining the confidence of new ones. Make some changes to your old format of marketing, show some affection to your customers, understand their problems, and work on their most urgent needs.  

There are numerous tools and software which can help you to generate effective leads for your business. LeadX 360 is one such lead generation and lead management platform, which can help you and your sales reps to gain qualified leads boosting your sales strategies. 

COVID-19 has created a ruckus in the world of working professionals and sales professionals. But it is in your hands to adapt to the situation and make the most out of it!

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