How to Choose the Right Sales Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

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To be successful, every organization makes strategies to move forward!

Most businesses assess their performances with a useful tool known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 

KPI gives you the insight to understand more about your performance as an organization and helps you create strategies according to your goals for the coming future. 

It is an indicator that not only helps you define your goals but also measures the progress made to fulfill them. 

But for every business, there are different goals, so they need different KPIs as well!

Importance of sales KPI for a business:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the performance reports of a business that tells you if your business is moving strategically in the direction you intended to go with. 

Corporations and businesses always need a regular evaluation to know if you are moving in the right direction and if any stepping stones need to be turned for a much smoother operation.  

There is always room for improvement in the world of business. KPIs are excellent to help you rectify the areas which can be improved on an individual level or as a whole business. 

These KPIs help you understand your business with more depth and communicate with the investors, team members, stakeholders about how valuable their efforts are for the company. 

There can be different KPIs within the same organization depending on the goals set for a particular department or even for an individual. 

Choosing the Right sales KPI:

How do you choose the right KPI?

KPIs are not always the same for everyone. They majorly depend upon the objectives of a business and the goals that drive them.

To understand more about them, you need to get SMART with your attributes. 

S -Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Specific data which is always Measurable and Attainable from the company’s perspective, giving out Relevant performance reports to keep your business Time-Bound and successful. 

That’s what a KPI does to help a business!

Improve your sales KPI with these attributes in your corporation to get better performance results. These attributes will also assist you to identify specific sectors’ and employees’ performance data. This data can thus be used to distribute your resources so that you can enhance and implement any changes for better performance. 

Achieve your Sales KPI:

Sales KPIs are specifically directed towards assessing the sales team to help the sales representatives and leaders of the organization evaluate their performance against the sales made by your business.

By measuring the sales KPI you can calculate and optimize your team’s process to maximize the profits and work towards the goals of your business for greater success. 

You can even monitor the progress made by an individual representative of your company concerning the goals of the business. 

The main goal of having a sales KPI is that every employee is on the same page, working to achieve the goal of a company and to be successful in the coming future.  

To achieve your sales KPI for your business, these are the points you should remember:


  • Share them with your Team and Stakeholders:
    Making a KPI and not sharing is useless! 
    For your team to understand their job and perform accordingly, they need to always know what their goals are as an employee. Always listen to what they have to say as their input is equally important. 



  • Review your KPIs frequently:
    To attain realistic KPIs, you need to keep your team updated on what you are planning to do in your business. For example, if you plan to land a new client for your company, your team should know who is it and what is their profile. The goal of your company should always be shared with your team of sales reps and stakeholders so that everyone is on board and moving in the same direction.
    This will help you and your team to work efficiently towards the goal and produce better results. 



  • Make your KPIs Flexible:
    Flexibility is a key factor when it comes to deciding the KPI for your business. Things might take a sudden turn unexpectedly, you need to be prepared for everything that comes your way. For instance, in the case of being in business with a lead generation company, your service could be the consumer’s go-to option or things might go the opposite way.
    Always have an alternative and help your team adapt to any situation you end up in. 



Sales KPI Examples:

It is very difficult to know which sales KPI is right for you, we have prepared a list of examples to help you understand them more.

  1. Activity per representative
  2. Average follow-up attempt
  3. Average sales cycle length
  4. Customer acquisition cost
  5. Lead response time
  6. MQL and SQL conversion rates
  7. MQL to Win conversion rate
  8. Number of deals closed
  9. Pipeline volume vs Goals
  10. Revenue Growth Rate

Always keep collecting data from your team of representatives to know your performance, so that you can adapt quickly and switch to a KPI that works in your favor. 

Keep your goal in mind and work towards them efficiently!


Every business needs to have a KPI to work efficiently and make decisions that reciprocate with the goals of the company. Without it, you’re likely to deviate from your chosen path and eventually hinder your business from moving forward. 

A service-based company like LeadX 360 needs KPIs to help their consumers generate leads for the growth of their businesses. Similarly, KPIs help businesses from every sector to achieve their goals and be successful by working together in total sync with their representatives and stakeholders. 

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