How Sales Lead Generation has Upgraded in 2021

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I need leads for my business.

How do I generate more leads?

How can I get qualified leads for my business?

Why are my leads not converting?

How can I enhance my lead generation process?

Is there any short way to acquire and manage leads for my business?

These are all the questions business owners asked during the business development phase.

Businesses are usually worried about the flow of leads and the quality of leads they get after all the marketing efforts they plow and sow in the market.

Lead generation is an age-old process where we have seen its evolution.

61% of B2B marketers see lead generation as one of the challenging factors in their business development. With multiple sources talking about sales lead generation in 2021 businesses are confused about which source to trust.

To change this, subject experts at LeadX have come up with how sales lead generation has upgraded in 2021 and how it was in 2020.

Overview of lead generation in 2020

2020 was a year nobody predicted. Right from normal in January 2020, the rest of the year faced consequences of lockdown which brought multiple shifts in this world. People are busy more on online platforms more than ever, ready to consume content.

Lead generation then and now

Back in the day, sales lead generation techniques were easy.

Marketers used to do:

  • Run a TV commercial
  • Publish an advertorial in a magazine
  • Buy contact lists and spam them with promotional offers

Nowadays, the picture of sales lead generation has changed completely.

Today, marketing has changed too. New era businesses are using tactics to bring customers to their businesses instead of running too many ads and coming in front of potential users.

But what exactly happened between then and now?

The Internet happened.

Before the internet happened, there was a great deal of scarcity of content. The content they had was mostly dependent on a very few media companies with print media and broadcast businesses.

Now with the Internet developed and bloomed, content and information are available abundantly. 

Quick-shift to 2021, where customers have data accessible, marketers are getting smarter and targeting customers to bombard advertisements for their brands.

As marketers are getting smarter, consumers too.

They can easily navigate through multiple advertisements all day long and decide upon what is best suitable for their budget, requirements and considering the rapport of the seller.

How lead generation will happen in 2021?

The way buyer behavior is changing due to trending advertisements these days, businesses need to adopt new lead generation techniques accordingly.

You should be continually testing and implementing new techniques to find those that work for your business.

Here are some of the important things you need to focus on below.

The website still works for you

With a website, you can give important information to your intended audience through drawing in content, and guarantee that your prospects consistently have reason to return.

Furthermore, a website makes it simpler to customize the experience of your visitors and guarantee that they’re seeing content that’s relevant to them, considering where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Take care of those contact forms

Contact forms are like a red carpet for your prospects. Make them visible and noticeable throughout your website. When your content is ready enough to grab their attention, the next step they’ll be taking is to contact you.

Contact forms need to be in prominent positions on your website. Attracting qualified leads to the website is an expensive process and you need to make the most out of your efforts. 

Further, you can incorporate live chat or a chatbot facility to make their decision easier. Let them talk to you, enquire about your operations; after all, you are not getting your sales lead generation results that easily.

Opt-in Forms can also help

Sometimes, users simply don’t want to leave their contact information on your website unless they’re getting some value in return.

In such a case, opt-in forms can help you capture leads providing some value to users along with appealing to them to leave their contact information such as an email address.

Some of the features you can highlight in opt-in forms are free trials, an ebook explaining your offerings, or USPs which will help them get actionable insights and which they can use.

Landing pages and CTAs

A successful lead generation strategy starts with a landing page that helps you capture the leads by giving them useful information and getting their contact information in return.

A quality landing page will decide the success of your future lead generation campaign. So, take enough time on developing your landing page and maximize your conversion rate.

Your landing pages need to have clear content explaining what value you are offering and get your leads to take necessary actions.

Other than your main website pages, take landing pages seriously. Remove all the unnecessary messages from the landing page, get precise content on display along with creative and attractive CTAs.

While creating CTAs, consider creating:

  • Clear and bold places for CTAs
  • Compelling CTAs

Email marketing

Even if you get your email list ready, it’s not possible that your leads will be readily interested in your product or even in your emails.

So, consider creating an email marketing campaign that convinces your leads to open and read your emails.

The sequence of your email pushing should be prioritized in different stages such as providing relevant information to nurturing them and finally guiding them on buying your product.


Retargeting campaigns will always help you get maximum returns on every dollar you spend on lead generation campaigns.

This means, even if your visitor is bounced back from its first visit to your website, you cannot give up.

Preparing your team to get more leads

Have enough people to generate leads for your business. Empower them to get more leads through their personal network. Offer them attractive incentives on every lead they capture and this way, you can easily build a lead generation empire for your business.

To help you with this strategy, one of the best lead generation tools like LeadX 360 can be at your service.

LeadX is an interactive tool that helps you with lead generation and lead management processes. 

LeadX is a part of the future of lead generation that can help you revolutionize your revenue game. The tool empowers everyone in your team to post hot leads, track every move of your lead, and notifies you of every milestone you achieve.

Final words on lead generation in 2021

By now, you probably have understood what lead generation means for your business, how you can improve your game, and some of the techniques to maintain a good flow of leads to your business.

Want to experience a change in your lead generation game? Get LeadX today and get started with the future of lead generation strategy.

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