Sales Priorities for Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sales Priorities
There is a lot of curiosity going around about sales priorities of agencies at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging worldwide. Agreed, everybody, including customers and sales personnel are distracted by the latest global events. However, there are definitive priorities that agencies have to adopt if they have to survive and thrive in a post-COVID world. How are agencies facing the heat during the pandemic? Most agencies are employing various sales techniques during the pandemic to retain customers, engage with them and filter and draw in newer prospects. Yet, the chances of these working continue to remain abysmally low. Are sales agencies finding new customers in large numbers? Are they generating enough leads? Are customers really that interested at the moment? Is demand at an all-time low? These are some hard questions that agencies need to ask in order to work out their pain quotient during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, they should never stop selling since having an empty pipeline is always catastrophic towards doing business in the future. However, methods and strategies of selling will have to undergo a major shift and this can be another pain point for agencies, aside from lower demand, low consumer interest and lower lead volumes. Agencies without sizable cash reserves and money coming in will find it really tough to have long-term sales outlooks and make investments for customer acquisition. What are the top sales priorities to take care of? Like most good sales advice, agencies have to understand that they will always have a few priorities that need to be taken care of. Here’s taking a closer look at the same:
  • Acceptance- You should accept the fact that sales recovery will be a slow, tedious and often painful process.
  • Clients First- Always make your clients the focus with you as their enabler or someone assisting them.
  • Long-Term Mindset- Your business mindset should be for the long-term with a view towards riding out short-term disruptions.
  • Security- What you should do first is to instantly secure marketing and sales situations which are of an immediate nature
  • Repositioning- Create sales pitches and offerings which have lower commitment levels for prospects.
  • Planning- Invest time in building marketing content of higher value for supporting sales.
  • Targets- Have a clear understanding of annual targets for sales and the overall impact of the current situation on your profit and loss account.
  • Existing Clients- Retain existing clients by showing them the love and appreciation that they deserve.
  • Reconnecting- Get back in touch with active prospects for sales courtesy new and more high-value content.
  • Re-engaging- Re-engagement campaigns may be created for outreach towards earlier prospects.
  • Offers- Create compelling and high-value sales offers for cold-sales outreach activities.
  • Referrals- Build partnerships for referrals.
  • Following Up- Keep periodically following up in a non-intrusive manner with prospects and clients.
How to define priorities? What you should understand is that your priorities will naturally be driven by your immediate challenges and duties. The first priority that you should have is towards your sales team, i.e. keeping them safe, healthy and productive. That should be the first priority. Sales people are used to in-person interactions and the charm of hustling. You will have to build new routines, ensure integration with new technology for better collaboration and of course, ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. Adopting new approaches which are more tech-driven should be another priority in the current scenario. Your workflows for training and systems should also transition accordingly. Always have proper guidelines in place and most importantly, prioritize keeping your organization ready for more volatility in sales pipelines, higher cancellations, lower leads and other challenges. Have a plan ready in place to combat the storm that will engulf the world for some more time ahead. Sales advice that may come in handy While no amount of sales advice may seem enough and while a one size fits all approach may not always work, you can follow a few tips towards managing your sales agency during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Have employees motivated and encouraged with empathetic and positive communication.
  • Maintain total transparency regarding work processes.
  • Have clear remote working guidelines issued.
  • Identify new opportunities and niches for doing business.
  • Prevent any possible chances of decay in your pipeline.
  • Understand existing prospects/customers and how they are impacted by the pandemic.
  • Understand how you can help your customers/current prospects beyond your usual sales systems.
  • Tap into emerging opportunities by innovating and coming up with new features for your business.
  • Have a long-term approach and a short-term approach toward weathering the storm.
  • Refrain from sending out overtly pushy or cold-sales messages to prospects.
  • Review the marketing queue for applicability with regard to helping out clients in the current scenario.
  • Review and adjust annual targets for sales.
  • Invest more in getting future-ready with more high-value content, marketing collaterals and of course, think about how you can do more to help existing clients.
  • Reconnect with all former prospects and clients through dedicated campaigns.
Key Takeaway The biggest takeaway from everything is that if you can get through the current COVID-19 pandemic, then you can encounter and get through almost everything that life throws at you. All you need is a little patience, resilience and fortitude. A winning attitude will keep you primed up for seizing opportunities and putting your agency on the recovery path. Also, times like these are also suitable for introspecting on your technology integration. Check out platforms like LeadX which help employees and partners post hot/warm leads for the sales team to close. Everything is tracked in real-time and deals are closed together like a team. Employees are incentivized with rewards and recognition for posting leads while you can instantly leverage warm leads without having to spend time and energy on filtering the same.  

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