How Salesforce AppExchange Plugins helps to Get More Targeted Leads

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Salesforce is a company wide CRM that manages contacts and sales activities.

What differentiates Salesforce from other CRMs is that Salesforce is a completely cloud based software that allows you to connect with multiple plugins that suit your business needs. Salesforce offers built solutions that install in just a single click.

All the Salesforce products can be customized to suit your unique business needs. Get started with these recommended solutions.

Plugins for Salsforce extend the software capabilities so that it meets the unique needs of your business. Salesforce AppExchange offers hundreds of solutions for businesses that empowers your marketing and customer management needs.

With Salesforce, you can find a plugin that accelerates the automation within your organization and lets you build flow blocks to find the right real time data using app components.

Salesforce aims to grow business attributes by connecting the sales team to improve the work-flow and pipeline of managing leads.

Appexchange Plugins widen the scope of Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange changes the game for businesses that want a robust customer relationship management software that adapts to the needs of their business.

Plugins and apps like Adoption dashboards, guest user access reports and reporting updates for Salesforce streamlines the reporting capabilities of silos within an organization.

Salesforce increases the productivity and growth of businesses by offering an ecosystem of pre-integrated apps that have received millions of installs.

Breaking Silos with Salesforce

Salesforce strongly believes in connecting silos that businesses have in place to manage sales and customers. Salesforce offers a personalised CRM experience for businesses in all industries.

Salesforce lets you extend the cloud based software with applications like Sales cloud – to help you sell faster and smarter, Service cloud – to manage customer support within the organization, Marketing cloud – to deliver consumer engagement at scale, Commerce cloud – To drive growth with rich commerce experiences, Platform – to build, connect and integrate apps, and Experience cloud – to deliver connected digital experiences.

Streamlined Apps and Plugins

No matter your customers relationship and sales management needs, the best Salesforce apps have what it takes to give businesses simplicity in operation and technical prowess. From integrated lead generation softwares to CRM tools, Salesforce lets your business connect with customers with ease and allows you to manage customers with no friction or barriers.

Salesforce helps you make smarter decisions across your business by predicting outcomes with Tableau CRM. It empowers your employees with actionable insights and Ai driven analytics right in their workflow.

Every industry has its own unique needs. Here are a few showcases of industry specific listings to extend your Salesforce org.

  • Communications
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

Lead generation with Salesforce app plugins

Top Salesforce app plugins simplify the way that businesses can collect leads by connecting them with cloud ware enterprise lead generation tools that offer excellent results.

Be it for email marketing, capturing warm leads, and forms, Salesforce plugin lets you download apps that update the software. Salesforce streamlines the lead capture and management exercises of your business, so that you can align your team to reach objectives that you’ve set in advance.

LeadX 360 and Salesforce

LeadX 360 is a plugin for Salesforce app integration that helps businesses capture warm leads on the field and have them automatically added to the sales lead generator workflow.

According to LeadX 360 , 40% 0f leads come from employees at the ground level of organizations. This means that if you ignore the lead sharing potential of your technicians, salespeople, distributors, and delivery people, you’re also missing out on 40% of your market – the warm leads who want to know directly about your product.

With LeadX 360 you get a handful of advantages for your business. LeadX 360 empowers employees at every level within the organization to collect hot leads. The plugin is a live lead sharing platform that will boost the number of sale-ready leads your company generates and the ease with which you increase your customers.


LeadX 360 brings you a new lead channel that provides hot leads from personal networks and close connections straight to your sales pipeline. It is a perfect value-add to your Salesforce investment, and makes sales social and fun.

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