A Smart Lead Management Application to Enhance your SuperOffice Experience

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SuperOffice is a cloud-based CRM system that helps its users build and nourish relationships throughout every stage of the customer journey.

Customer relationships matter.

For companies discussing the benefits of lead generation and management, a tool that can help them with managing customer experiences is always needed.

SuperOffice being a smooth yet robust CRM system has been helping such organizations no matter what size, in maintaining leads with its various features.

But how does SuperOffice help in lead management?

Important functionalities of SuperOffice CRM are company and contact management, calendar management, activity tracking, project management, and emailing, etc. SuperOffice CRM lets users with all the necessary tools to manage sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, customer journey tracking, and support services.

  • Marketing Tools like web forms, customized communication, bounce tracking, and target lists enable marketers with successful campaigns and improved conversion rates.
  • Sales Tools like sales guides, quote management, interesting dashboard, and reporting help sales teams reach their targets within limits along with taking data-driven decisions and operating in more structured and effective ways.

Lead Management Extensions / Apps Available with SuperOffice App Store

Another useful feature of SuperOffice is that it offers an App Store for its users where third-party developers publish their apps. These apps are further used by SuperOffice users to enhance their SuperOffice experience.

Talking about lead generation and management, SuperOffice has a bunch of Apps that help users collect useful data from their potential leads, process and further convert them into paying customers.

Understanding the nature of apps can be difficult, you might find every app doing the same things for you. But this isn’t the case so far.

To extract the benefits of lead generation, you need a specific tool that has been working in this arena with strong capabilities.

LeadX – A revolutionary lead management app

The performance of your organization is highly dependent on the number of quality leads it generates and how it converts them. 

LeadX 360 is a revolutionary tool offering organizations of every size to generate and manage leads in an effective way. 

Here’s a sneak peek…

Empowering everyone to post hot leads

Sales and marketing teams are concerned about lead generation. With LeadX 360, everyone in the organization can post warm leads from their own networks. LeadX 360 enables organizations to take all the benefits of lead generation in a single platform. 

Lead Management 360

LeadX 360 is helping its users build lead generation kingdoms and enables them to be lead generation ambassadors in a complete 360-degree approach. With LeadX 360, everyone in the organization can find the best way to get B2B leads.

Complete mobile lead management solution

With its complete mobile lead management platform, LeadX 360 is a pioneer in lead management in the world. Through interactive user experience for lead management enthusiasts, LeadX 360 has gamification just like any other social media platform making it user-friendly and fun to use.

LeadX 360 Works Great with SuperOffice

LeadX 360 is a B2B Lead management tool adding value for its users. If you are a SuperOffice user, you will see LeadX 360 can add considerable value to your organization’s processes.

With LeadX 360 app in SuperOffice, users can easily get started with the extension. It’s easy to purchase and download the app from the App Store. With LeadX 360, users can invite and add users that are not working in SuperOffice, this way, you both can enjoy the combined power of LeadX 360 and SuperOffice.

Benefits of LeadX 360 with SuperOffice

The main feature of LeadX 360 with SuperOffice is that it captures connections happening in the real world.

With LeadX 360 in SuperOffice, you can:

  1. Connect to your other business applications
  2. Integrate easily for robust, scalable, and sustainable performance
  3. Streamline, automate and enhance the way you do business and interact with customers.

LeadX 360 is all set to serve the SuperOffice users soon.

That rounds up our thoughts on how LeadX 360 can enhance your SuperOffice experience, but don’t forget to hold on for a moment until we launch LeadX 360 on SuperOffice App Store.

Get ready to enjoy enough leads to see your organization growing. Get LeadX 360 now.

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