The Most Effective Way To Track Your Sales Activity

Effective Way To Track Your Sales Activity
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Conventional sales activity trackers are a thing of the past; everybody knows that while sales tracking tools are aplenty in the market, a 360-degree approach is what actually works since the whole concept of sales has undergone rapid evolution. 

Why is it important to track sales activity? 

It is vital to track sales because tracking is one vital cog of the wheel in the process. Tracking the progress made by the sales team is something you commit to automatically just like tracking the number of hours you sleep or how many times you eat in a day (if you’re into health and wellness) for instance. Learning how to track sales has become more important in today’s times since companies and business owners need to know whether they’re getting desired results. 

The overall sales journey may be exhausting at times but an effective mechanism for tracking will help you get all the details about the performance of the sales team, the sales funnel and prospects and of course, how daily sales tasks are being managed. 

What are the different essentials for sales tracking? 

A few essentials must always be kept in mind: 

  • Consistency- Whenever you track sales, make sure to keep in mind the data being collected and how frequently it is being updated. Consistently capturing data enables freeing up valuable time for the sales team to directly focus on prospects. A consistent process/standards will always help. 
  • Accuracy- The data should be accurate and get your team to devote time each day for recording data after crucial sales interactions. Accurate data will help you realize where you are doing well and where you need to improve. 
  • Unbiased Perspective- Sales data requires you to perceive it as an outside to the business. This will help you realize the good points, pain points and scope for improvement. Use this data to fill the sales funnel, convert leads and get the team working in the right areas. 

What are the different things we can track about sales? 

There are several things that you should ideally track about your sales process. These include the following: 

  • What are the leads being generated? 
  • When can a particular deal be expected to successfully close? 
  • Are the deals being closed with longer/smaller interactions? 
  • Where are the qualified and warm leads being generated? 
  • Where are unqualified or cold leads being generated? 
  • Which sales professionals are doing the best and who are not? 
  • How is the team doing in terms of revenue, response times and leveraging opportunities? 
  • How are prospects being managed and guided towards conversions? 
  • How swiftly is sales data being recorded? 

These are aspects that you should track within the sales process to ferret out areas for improvement. 

Conclusion- Winner takes it all approach 

Choosing the right sales tracking tool is a must if you are to capitalize on the strengths of your sales team and fix its weaknesses, en route towards higher conversions and revenues. Choosing a tool like LeadX for instance, helps you save time, revenues and organizational resources by eliminating sales silos at the very outset. LeadX enables you to close deals as a team and you can start handing over qualified leads faster to the sales team as well. This tool gives everyone in the company, the ability to generate warm and qualified leads

They are rewarded and incentivized for the same, while enabling revenue growth simultaneously. Share live deal updates in real-time, capture and tap unlimited leads across your organization and partners, empower all points of customer contact for lead generation and activation of warm leads and most importantly, track sales progress in real-time post-handover to the sales team. In this case, the winner is the sales team which gets warm and qualified leads to convert into actual sales and you can track everything seamlessly. You can also considerably reduce the possibilities of cold or unqualified leads at the very beginning of the process. Simultaneously, all vital sales data and metrics are recorded and tracked via a single interface. Now that’s what we call an innovative approach towards sales tracking and enhancement.

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