The Quality of Leads Generated Decides the Quality of your Sales Funnel

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Wondering what are sales funnels? If you have sold any item/service or bought anything in return, you have naturally been a part of one such sales funnel. 

What is sales funnel?

The answer to what is a sales funnel is not that simple; briefly put, a sales funnel can be the route taken by clients from knowing nothing about the product/service to ultimately taking the purchase decision. The sales funnel will keenly analyze access routes to its particular product/company and optimize the same. Yet, it also integrates filters at each stage to weed out prospects that are unsuitable. 

What are the sales funnel stages?

There are several sales funnel stages that you should consider. Content marketing is the foundation of all sales funnels. There are three stages of content creation that have to be emphasized upon:

  • TOFU is where content is created on popular and diverse topics which fall within your industry/domain. This introduces the business to audiences with higher click and bounce rates alike. TOFU content generates mixed leads, i.e. both hot and cold leads. 
  • MOFU content is created a little more specifically, targeting people in the segment to which your product/service caters to. While limiting your overall audience, this ensures better prospects who click on the content. CTAs are often slightly pushy at this juncture, asking people to sign up for demos or to fill out forms. Warm/hot leads are mostly generated at this juncture but need nurturing.
  • BOFU content will be specifically and directly targeted for pushing your product/service. People landing on the same, already know you and what you offer. They are already looking for something you offer and are most likely to make a purchase. This juncture has mostly qualified leads for you to deal with.

LeadX is disrupting sales – Radically increasing quality of TOFU

LeadX empowers every individual in the organization to easily post warm leads. The LeadX 360 app can be given to all stakeholders including employees, owners, partners, board members and other alliance partners. The concept enables ample motivation for everyone to leverage personal networks and skill sets to generate quality leads. These can be posted swiftly on the LeadX app across the TOFU of the sales funnel and lined up for fast processing.

These warm leads usually have higher conversion rates as compared to cold leads ending up in the TOFU stage. LeadX works as a major disruptor, addressing TOFU in a radical manner via processing, collaborations and motivation.

Traditional sales funnel stages

In a conventional sales funnel, there are various stages of dividing the process. These include the following:

  • Awareness- The key is to build awareness amongst people about your product/service at this stage.
  • Interest- This is mostly built through offering solutions and content about your product/service.
  • Consideration- This stage encourages people to consider your particular product/service via demos/case studies/analyses of benefits/testimonials.  
  • Purchase- This is where a smooth process is needed; throw in a free sign-up/trial choice or even a coupon code for getting prospects over the line.
  • Advocacy- Make sure to check-in with clients and tackle their issues. Gently garner testimonials/reviews and offer referral incentives if possible.

There are many who are already wondering how to create a sales funnel. Sales funnels are tried and tested models for success if you know how to build and use them in the right manner. LeadX enables higher quality for the leads which go through your own sales funnel, enabling processing at a higher speed while motivating your team members likewise.

LeadX is the change agent that you need for building a solid sales culture and focus amongst all stakeholders. LeadX can enhance the quality of leads and sales funnel in a radical manner. It helps in empowering each individual in the organization for posting hot leads, resulting in better sales for the company.

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