Tips to Accelerate Sales Growth in a Post-Pandemic World

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The covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people across the globe. In the wake of the pandemic, businesses and enterprises have been affected by new rules set in place to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

Alongside the lives of people, businesses too have had to evolve to more than just survive during the Pandemic.

Small businesses have taken the worst hit during the pandemic. With their shutters down and restrictions in place, these businesses need to take on a different route to survive and serve customers and create a post covid 19 sales strategy.

In this article we will take a look at what small and large businesses can do to secure business in a post Covid world.

1. Reevaluate what you offer to customers

Covid 19 has changed the lives of millions of people. This change has to be taken into account for businesses to understand the new needs of customers. Products in the post pandemic world must be relevant to the needs of customers.

You can understand the unique needs of customers by asking yourself the right set of questions.

What products are still relevant to the customers needs?

A lot has changed in the world during the pandemic. Certain activities have been curtailed in order to stop the spread of the Covid virus. You need to ask yourself if your offerings go against this new norm.

For example, if you are in the tourism industry, lockdowns have been put in place to stop tourism to certain countries. You need reevaluate the new changes that have come to the industry and offer customers what is possible in the post-pandemic world.

What products can you sell that match the customers needs

The Pandemic has come with its own new set of needs for your customers. The next step to reevaluating your customers needs is finding out what your customers needs during the pandemic. A sales improvement strategy is the need of the hour.

Take for example the music event industry. Music events are no more a possibility in the post-pandemic world. Record labels have been able to curtail this roll back by offering live music event online, where customers can just sign in and watch their favourite artists onlines.

Extend your services to meet the customers needs

Things have changed a lot during the pandemic and so have the customers’ needs. As you make your business contact-less you may have to change the way that customers pay and purchase your service.

To avoid confusion in this new way of doing business, it’s recommended that you extend your customer service to assist in the unique needs of your customers.

2. Customer communication is key

Customers are experiencing all kinds of changes in their everyday life. That’s why it’s important for businesses to communicate with customers so that they can understand their customers needs.

Understanding the customers needs aside, talking to your customers also reassures them that your business is still putting their needs first. A recent study found that businesses that communicate to customers offer a feeling of reassurance to 43% of customers. Have a post-covid sales strategy.

Utilize communication channels like phone calls, mailers, social media and other messaging channels to interact with your customers needs. This sort of interactions shows that you genuinely care about the customer, and are not just looking after them as a source of making money through business.

3.Plan Ahead

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone and lockdowns were put in place with little warning. That’s why planning ahead is so important. In these confusing times it’s always better to be prepared for anything.

Planning ahead requires you to objectively look at your business and see what segment is making more money, where are you losing money.

You also have to consider the channels with which customers are reaching your business and making purchases.

Creating a plan for your business requires an audit of all your business activities.Here’s a look at some of the factors that you need to consider.

  1. Work from home employee performance and collaboration
  2. How to maintain supply chains and operations
  3. Trade issues due to the country lockdown
  4. Brand response post Covid-19 sales
  5. Projection of campaigns & projects
  6. How to address the new needs of customers

4. Realign your marketing strategy to increase sales

The first thing to do during a pandemic is to reevaluate your marketing strategy and remove anything that is irrelevant to the present needs of your business and the customer.

You will need to do a clear audit of your marketing strategy, this means evaluating your scheduled campaigns, social media posts, mailers, Google ads and more to directly acknowledge the needs of customers.

Here’s what you can do to realign your marketing strategy during the pandemic.

  • Make your messaging clear and assistive during the pandemic
  • Adopt a systematic tone that acknowledges the pandemic
  • Do not humour the pandemic as those affected might feel it disrespectful.

Ensure that your marketing strategy and the products you are marketing are readily available. For this you may need to do an inventory of your stock so that your campaign only shows the products that you have in store.

5. Leverage SEO for your business

If you feel that the pandemic is not the right time to promote your business using paid promotions, you can use SEO to promote your store.

SEO increases the page ranking of your product so that you can see more customers ordering from your store. SEO is important during this time as small businesses may be selling only non-essential items that customers may be looking for.

It’s unlikely that customers will walk past your business during the pandemic. That’s why it’s important to bring your page ranking to the top of search results.

Here’s what you should optimize in order to get the best results from SEO

  1. Improve your site load time
  2. Target search terms that are relevant to your business
  3. Create and update content that is in your niche
  4. Update your Google listing and optimize for searches in your area
  5. Keep tabs on the performance of your online shop’s SEO


The pandemic is not the end of the world for businesses that have experienced disruption during the lockdown. By taking your business online there are still steps that can be undergone for a sales improvement strategy. By taking part in the above strategies your business can mitigate losses and receive business. By focusing on the above steps your business can outsmart the pandemic.

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