Ways to Nurture Your Sales Lead! What are Some Useful Lead Nurturing Tactics?

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Every organization should follow a lead nurturing strategy for filtering out leads and getting more warm/hot/productive leads into the sales funnel. While there are several lead nurturing techniques and tactics available, you should be aware about some basic sales concepts in the bargain.

How to nurture sales leads?

There are several tactics for lead nurturing that you will find handy in this regard. The nurturing procedure for leads usually means engaging the targeted customers/audience purposefully by providing information that is relevant, supporting them in various ways and keeping the customer journey meaningful and enjoyable in turn.

Proper lead nurturing is indispensable for any business and its eventual success. This is because these lead nurturing tactics directly affect decisions taken by prospects on whether they wish to convert into customers who paid for your product/service or not. There are several methods of nurturing including multi-channel methods, targeted content, follow-ups in a timely manner, multiple touches and personalized approaches.

What are the tactics to nurture sales leads?

While there are several options pertaining to lead nurturing software that are available in the market, here are some time-tested strategies/tactics that may work.

  • Targeted Content- You can nurture leads with content that is targeted to their unique personas as buyers, based on their interests, goals and triggers for marketing.
  • Multi-Channel Methods- There are several automation based tools that help in multi-channel nurturing. This includes email marketing, paid retargeting, dynamic content on the website, marketing automation techniques, direct outreach for sales and social media outreach.
  • Multiple Touches- Successful nurturing techniques involve creating content which enhances the buyer’s progress throughout the sales journey, by touching on common issues, questions and the like. You should use social media, whitepapers, emails, blog posts, interactive content or direct outreach messages for touching on prospects and their needs.
  • Timely follow-ups- You should opt to follow up in a timely manner with leads in order to keep them interested and engaged. Well-planned and timely follow-ups are highly effective as compared to simple cold-calling.
  • Personalization for Emails- You can continue to rely on email marketing and personalize the same for getting quicker and better results. Triggered emails may be dispatched for instance, whenever prospects download any content, click on your website/email links or go to specific pages.
  • Lead Scoring- This is a method used for ranking all prospects via a scale that showcases the perceived value associated with every lead to the organization in question. You can execute this across platforms for marketing automation by giving numeric values for specific behaviors for website browsing, engagement on social media and conversion based events. The final score helps you prioritize which leads you have to follow up directly and which ones require additional nurturing.
  • Syncing marketing and sales- You should zero in on the key buyer journey points for transitioning prospects across multiple teams. You should take into account enrollment of workflows, lead scoring and events for conversion. The SLA (sales and marketing service level agreement) will enable teams to infuse greater accountability into the process for conversion of leads and nurturing them effectively into final customers for the business.

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Deals are closed as a team while revenues can be scaled up swiftly in turn. There is easy integration with your CRM software and the one-stop platform enables more effective outreach simultaneously for all prospects.

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