What Is Sales Letter? Tips To Write Effective Sales Letter

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A sales letter is a vital aspect for every business. There are various tips for sales letter writing that you should always follow. Here’s taking a look at some of the best ways to write sales letters and understanding more about their definition. 

What is sales letter?

Thinking what is sales letter? This is a letter that is written for publicizing and eventually selling any product or service to customers. This is a business letter that is meant for business generation and it is often called Business Sales Letter, Marketing Sales Letter or Letter of Sale.

Why sales letter are important?

It goes without saying that writing a sales letter is extremely important since the primary goal of the same is effective business communication. This letter will help in reaching out to a sizable number of people who are interested in specific services or products while aiming at converting them into eventual buyers. Even if some people are not interested in the business proposition, the letter is aimed at stoking their interest in the same. 

Some of the key advantages of sales letters include the following: 

  • They add a personal touch towards promotions/advertising 
  • They can be dispatched directly to potential clients 
  • The messages in the letters do not have to compete with other forms of advertisements including newspaper and television advertisements 
  • These letters maintain and create ample goodwill amongst customers 
  • These letters are more convenient than movie or television advertisements since they can be set aside for reading later
  • They are comparatively cheaper in comparison to other advertisement types
  • These letters are also educational for customers with regard to choosing suitable products and services
  • They serve as vital reminders for potential customers as well

How to write sales letter effectively? 

Here are some basic concepts related to writing an effective sales letter: 

AIDA is the technique used commonly for writing these letters. 

  • Attention- The first step is to draw the attention of customers towards the core proposition (product/service). This necessitates a suitable headline. 
  • Interest- Generation of interest is the second important objective with illuminating information and proper flow. 
  • Desire- The third component is ensured through offering practical and real-life instances along with illustrating benefits. 
  • Action- This is a component that is the most important, i.e. it is the final call to action for readers and persuasion is required for generating the eventual sale. 

What is the checklist to write sales letter?

Here is an effective letter writing checklist:

  • Assess why you are sending a sales letter instead of using another marketing/communication method. Whether you are announcing the launch of any product or want to get a meeting, think of whether this is the best way to approach the customer. 
  • Personally address letters suitably so that they are not thrown away as junk mail. Envelopes which are handwritten have higher chances of being opened. 
  • Personalized approaches always work; figure out the sales profile of the client and customize the letter to reflect their preferences as much as possible. Sign each letter individually if it is possible. 
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the issues faced by customers and explain how you can solve the same effectively. Don’t adopt a generic tone about your business. 
  • Use suitable language for the target customer with appropriate industry terminology. 
  • Try and get testimonials and reviews included in the letter for building up customer trust.
  • Double check to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Design the letter with care, making sure that paragraphs are neatly spaced and that the letter is pleasant to look at.
  • Have a call to action (CTA) which is clearly positioned and understandable.
  • Always have your web address included along with other contact information. A landing page on the site with information relevant to the letter is always a great solution.
  • Always follow up the letter with a direct call to the customer in question.

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