Book a product demo with our customer success team.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything has been intentionally designed to work right out of the box, without being overly complicated.


Get setup quickly

We are 100% cloud based, so there is no installation required. LeadX works on Android and iOS, as well as desktops.

Work together

Built for collaboration

Say goodbye to sales silos. Say hello to more qualified leads through organisation wide lead-generation.

Web and apps

Accessible on all your devices

Whether you are in your tesla, on your phone, or at your desk. You will be able to create a lead to hand over to the sales team.

Available 24/7

Backed by an amazing support team

Our dedicated customer success team provide you with around the clock support to help you get the most out of our product.


Empower all your stakeholders to post warm leads from their personal networks

Breaking Silos & Boosting Sales

Give everyone in your organization the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue

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