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One Space for Sharing Leads

LeadX helps your company share and process leads across organizational silos. Ensure warm introductions to customers through your employees and partners. Buy your license today, download your app and lets get started!

Mobilize your entire workforce

Everyone has a network, but they lack the tools and incentives to generate leads for their company. LeadX is a simple yet powerful app for employees to generate warm leads for their sales team. Through recognition and transparency, employees are incentivised to generate leads competitively. The result: Increased revenues and bonuses for your employees.

One Newsfeed for Seeing Progress

Share updates on live deals in real-time. Energize and enthuse your team through recognition and rewards. Progress as a team.

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Unlimited Leads

LeadX makes it possible for your organization to capture leads in a 360 degree perspective. Use the app to search for leads broadly in your organization, and externally at your partners.

Silo Free Sales

Let LeadX become THE tool that ensures cross silo sales. Empower all the customer contact points in your organization. Build a strong sales culture, and make everyone activate warm leads.

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Feature Rich. No bloat.

Our powerful app gives everyone in your organisation the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue.

Quick Lead Entry

Enter a lead from your mobile. within 10 seconds, complete with relevant deal information.

Real Time Tracking

LeadX is THE tool that links the company together through real-time data and mobilizes all staff to boost sales.

Cross Platform

LeadX is accessible from multiple platforms. Use LeadX on your mobile, laptop or tablet.

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Handover 2 Sales

Stretch your hand out to sales, and wait for their hand to grab yours. Follow the progress in real-time

Exquisite Design

LeadX is blazingly fast, and is presented in a modern and ergonomic design. So, you can generate leads and close deals faster than ever.

Full API Integration

LeadX's open API is built for integration with the leading CRM platforms.

“We see huge opportunities with LeadX 360 as an enabler to ensure better coordination with the channel sales partners. We want to create more energy and motivation among them. With the LeadX 360 app HP Norway manage to get more efficient and more motivating communication with strategic channel sales partners. Because of the built-in incentive system in LeadX the channel partners find it motivating to participate in sales competitions HP initiate. In addition to increased motivation and speed, the LeadX 360 app has become a communication platform where HP and partners can share information about leads real-time.”
Verner Hølleland
Verner Hølleland
MD, HP Norway

Close deals, as a team

Get recognition for your individual role.

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With LeadX, anyone can sell. Available now
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