Value add to Salesforce Clients

LeadX 360® adds substantial value to Salesforce clients worldwide

LeadX 360 substantial value to Salesforce clients

Integration with Salesforce in 5 easy steps

Synchronization with Salesforce API framework for
seamless interchange of data
Integrating Salesforce API framework
LeadX Salesforce Integration Wizard

LeadX 360® Integration Wizard

  • Wizard to connect Salesforce from LeadX 360® in easy steps
  • Bi-directional integration to support data updates in both platforms

Salesforce AppExchange App

  • Connect to LeadX platform from LeadX using LeadX 360® App
  • Search and download the App in Salesforce platform
  • Configure App with LeadX API Platform to connect with LeadX 360®
Salesforce App Exchange App

LeadX 360® is LIVE in Salesforce AppExchange

You as a Salesforce client can easily work with your LeadX 360® app inside your Salesforce platform. We have built a Salesforce AppExchange app that makes it easy for you to purchase and download the app from inside your Salesforce environment. You can also buy the app from Salesforce AppExchange. From there you can build your lead generation empire, and add users that are not working in Salesforce.

The LeadX 360® app is fully integrated with the local Salesforce environment, and the sales & marketing team can start recruiting lead generators and start capturing warm leads from. With LeadX 360® you are able to mobilize internal non-sales and marketing staff members, as well as external alliances like partners, board members and shareholders. Let us help you EMPOWER EVERYONE TO POST HOT LEADS, and let us help you capture lots of high quality leads in your Salesforce platform.

Not sure which package suits you best?

Connect with LeadX 360- Salesforce
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