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Welcome onboard the LeadX Rocket – Disrupting B2B Sales!

LeadX is a Norwegian tech company founded by Tom Aas January 2018. Tom has worked for two of the Top 5 consulting houses, and have had VP Sales and CEO role in software and IT companies. He has first hand experienced the challenges with complex CRM systems, and at the same time seen the big opportunity that lays in the people. This is especially relevant for professional services and tech companies. In these companies many are in dialogue with clients and potential new clients.

LeadX is connecting the world and disrupting sales. Would you like to join our family of investors with the aim to disrupt B2B sales and write software history? We already have onboarded venture capital firms like Spring Capital, Simula Innovation and professional investment companies like Eibo Invest, Norda Invest, Parg Invest, Kapinor, Reti Invest and Verdiverkstedet. We are also proud of having many business angels and family offices as our co-owners. Are you in one of these cathegories and share our motivation to change the way of B2B sales, you are welcome to contact us!

We invite you to share our passion:

How can a B2B company move from cold sales processes with limited results – towards warm sales processes with amazing results?

The key lays in the people

We challenge B2B companies to work with the company stakeholders in a new and strategic way:

Start mapping and counting ALL your stakeholders you would probably be surprised – Employees, Partners, Shareholders and Supporters

Your warm networks are ALL interested in your company and product

TRUST is already established in the networks, and warm relationships built. This is a STRONG foundation for capturing high quality leads – Shortening the sales cycle and radically improving the conversion rate from LEAD to DEAL

LeadX 360® is the first fully mobile Lead Management Platform in the world – AND the first sales platform involving ALL stakeholders in a 360-degree perspective

We help B2Bs Breaking Silos & Boosting Sales

We help connect ALL stakeholders & Disrupting Sales

We help B2B companies establish a social and fun sales community where EVERYONE is given a seat – can join the celebrations – and get rewarded when contributing

Posting a lead has become as easy as posting a picture on Instagram!

Some statements from our clients:

You have digitalized Word of Mouth

You have made Sales Social, Fun and for EVERYONE

Join the future of sales!

We support 2-way integrations with leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, SuperOffice and WebCRM. Plug LeadX into your CRM and expect more warm leads in your pipeline quickly.

LeadX help B2B companies double sales at half the cost!

We help establish a warm sales process that is 10x more efficient than the cold sales process.

Let us together disrupt B2B sales!

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