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We help B2B companies Breaking Silos & Boosting Sales

LeadX 360® is the first fully mobile Lead Management Platform in the world.

We help you involve all your stakeholders in a 360-degree perspective, and help B2B companies move from cold sales processes with limited results to warm sales processes with amazing results.

Solving your biggest challenge

The biggest challenge B2B companies all over the world are facing today is to ensure enough warm and high-quality leads in the company sales pipeline. We help you solve this challenge by increasing your market reach by 5-20x.

I warmly recommend LeadX 360 to all SuperOffice cloud customers. They should all be interested in more warm leads in their SuperOffice pipeline.

Cathrine Mula Davis
Dir. Prod. Marketing, SuperOffice

We have selected LeadX 360 as our standalone sales platform. LeadX 360 is easy to use, and we ensure a flow of leads internally, from manpower resources and from our key partners.

Øyvind Sandvik
CEO, Qualified Solutions Group

After soon 2 years use of LeadX 360 both we and our sales partners have selected this amazing app as THE place to share and process leads.

Verner Hølleland
CEO, HP Norway

Added value

Reduce Lead Time and increase conversion rate

Reduce Cost of Sales and increase cross team collaboration

Improve Engagement and Ownership Growth

Incredible return on investment

You will experience


Increase in leads and cross-silo collaboration


Better hit-rate than with cold leads


Revenue increase

Take our calculator for a spin, and calculate your ROI with LeadX 360®

Based on your information you will get a simple calculation of your current revenue, and the increase you will experience if you use LeadX 360®.

Calculate your ROI

LeadX 360® SaaS

LeadX 360® is the first fully mobile Lead Management Platform in the world, AND the first sales platform involving ALL stakeholders in a 360-degree perspective. LeadX 360® allows you to build your extended lead generation empire by inviting all your external stakeholders like your partners, shareholders, the board, or anyone else that comes to mind.

Read more about the platform

We play well with others

We aren’t leaving conventional lead management platforms behind – LeadX 360® supports bi-directional integrations with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, SuperOffice and WebCRM. Just plug LeadX into your CRM and watch how more warm leads start streaming in your pipeline. We even offer an API to build your own integrations.

Learn about our integrations

Close deals as a team

Learn how to close deals as a team with LeadX 360®, and let LeadX 360® help you double your sales and cut your costs. We’ll show you how you can establish a warm sales process 10 times more efficiently than the hated, limited cold sales process.

Get in touch with sales

Case studies by LeadX

HP introduces new model for channel sales

HP introduces new model for channel sales

«Now we’re all on the same team.” — HP connect with their Sales Partners online and realtime with LeadX 360.

Improve cross-sales with LeadX 360

Improve cross-sales with LeadX 360

Qualified Solutions improve network based selling between head office and regional offices using LeadX 360

Move bridges the gap with LeadX 360

Move bridges the gap with LeadX 360

«Now we’re all on the same team.» — Move bridges the gap between the IT department and Sales with LeadX 360.

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