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Product Overview

Get the full tour of the LeadX 360 platform, and learn how the the product features can help your team excel.

Mobilize your employees and partners

Everyone has a network, but they lack the tools and incentives to generate leads for their company. LeadX 360® is a solution for employees and partners to generate warm leads for their sales team. Through recognition and transparency, posters are incentivised to generate leads competitively.

Introduction to LeadX 360

A quick overview of the platform features

The platform gives everyone in and outside your organisation the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue.

Fast lead entry

Enter a lead from your mobile within seconds, and add additional information to help the sales team bring the lead to a win.

Real-time notifications

Be notified in real-time to accept new leads posted by partners or employees, and celebrate team victories together.

Real-time tracking

LeadX 360 links your company and partners together through real-time data and mobilizes all staff to support sales.

Hand-over to sales

Easily send your leads to the sales team for follow up, and follow the leads to a win,.

Integrations with CRM

We integrate with major CRMs and also offer a full REST API to give you the best options to integrate LeadX 360 into your sales process.

Mobile and web

LeadX 360 is available as both a responsive web app, and on Android and iPhone.

Ready to sign-up?

Click here to get started with LeadX 360, and get warm leads directly into your sales pipeline.

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