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LeadX 360 REST API

Pull information from LeadX 360, or push information into your LeadX 360 instance. Completely up to you.

When our built-in integrations are not enough you have the option to use our full REST based API to build new applications, real-time notifications and workflows.

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Easy to create and register your application

You will create and register and your application in the LeadX 360 administration. Once registered you will get an API KEY that will be used for authentication of your requests to the LeadX 360 platform.

  • The connection between LeadX 360 and your application is secured by SSL.
  • Multiple applications can be created and registered.
Designed to help you build

Structured documentation built with Swagger will help you build your applications, using our full REST based API. The documentation and API covers all aspects of the LeadX 360 platform.

  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Creating and updating leads
  • Creating and updating sales news
  • Creating and updating contacts and organisations
  • Retrieve analytics data, and incorporate into your own reporting workflows

If you need any help feel free to reach out to our team.

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