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Plug-in LeadX 360 to your webCRM to involve broader and optimise lead generation.

WebCRM is the leading CRM system in the Nordics.
Efficys webCRM is known for it’s flexibility and ease of use. With the LeadX 360 and webCRM integration you can easily fill the CRM pipeline with warm leads coming from the companys employees, partners and network through LeadX 360. Notes and activities added to LeadX 360 will also seamlessly synchronise with webCRM.

Take your lead generation efforts to the next level with LeadX 360
Buy LeadX 360 right here on our website, read more about the integration and how you can start to bring warm leads into your sales pipeline. Or simply get in touch to learn more about the platform.
Easy set up with a step by step guide

With the LeadX 360 integration wizard you will be able to easily set up the integration between webCRM and LeadX 360. Simply create an API KEY in webCRM, and select the integration from the LeadX 360 administration.

  • Authentication is handled using API KEYs created in webCRM.
  • The connection between LeadX 360 is secured and has been developed in collaboration with webCRM Norway.
Configure mapping of stages, fields and defaults

Once you have set up the connection between webCRM and LeadX 360 it is time to configure the mapping of fields, stages and default values for object synchronisation.

  • You will map the different stages between LeadX 360 and webCRM.
  • Leads will be synchronised as webCRM sales.
  • Default values for owners and more can be easily selected.
  • Synchronisation of data can be oneway or bi-directional.

We offer customisation of fields depending on your needs, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the process.

Pick up the leads in webCRM and start closing deals

Once the synchronisation has been configured it is time for your team to start working on leads. New and updated leads will be created in each system (depending on oneway or bi-directional synchronisation).

  • Once leads have been handed over to sales, your sales team can continue to work in webCRM to mature leads towards closure.
  • Leads can be found with a lead source as LeadX 360 – and this can be configured too.
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